10 Avatars of Divinity

Author : Vaishali R

10 Avatars

Avatars are said to be 10 avatars. Lord Krishna said the real fact of life in Bhagavath Gita, “To protect the goodness and destruct the evil forces and save the dharma, I will born in every age”. So it is believed that the god will manifest in every age periodically called as avatar. And for the firm establishment of dharma, gurus and saints are born but they are different from Avatars and can’t be comparable to each other.

Gurus and saints are the realized soul of ascent. When an avatar takes birth it is called as the descent and ascent of divinity, avatarana. It is voluntarily through vidya/ yoga maya and the birth of man or human under Avidya maya.

10 Avatars

Human’s body is called ‘mrinmayam’, which is made up of natural elements, and his birth indicates the ‘karma janam’ which depends upon the past actions either good or bad. Avatar’s body is called as ‘chinmayam’, which is the embodiment of chith, or the pure consciousness. His birth is also called as ‘prem janam’ which is the embodiment of love and also ‘leela janam’ which indicates sportive, prayers.

God comes to earth in the form of human is an act of supreme compassion of love and give the key of ‘anandha’ and bliss to you. He comes to the earth to regenerate the spirituality in humanity via love and truth.

In maha Bhagawata there are 21 avatars has been mentioned and there are references of 10 only namely – Kurma, varaha, narasimha, vaamana, parashurama, rama, Krishna, Buddha and kalki.

10 Avatars

These are only summarize of seekers own interest on spiritual evolution and progress. Avatar comes and behaves in a human way to show how mankind must feel kinship with them and must emulate the behaviours ideal.
They summarise the seekers’ own spiritual evolution and progress. The avatar behaves in a human way, so that mankind can feel kinship with Him and emulate the ideal behaviours.

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