10 High-Profit New Business Opportunities in 2019

Author : Somasundaram R

Business Opportunities in 2019

10 High-Profit New Business Opportunities in 2019

Smartness is not using the Internet, Smartness is how effectively you use the Internet. Digitalization and automation destroying thousands of jobs every year, at the same time it creates thousands of new business opportunities. Become an entrepreneur is very easy nowadays. Yes, with less investment, low manpower and effective implementation of new technologies in your new business you can also become an entrepreneur in 2019. In this article, we are going to find out 10 high-profit business opportunities in 2019.

New Problems, New Opportunities! New Beginning in life!!​

1. Virtual Call Center Operator

Business Opportunities in 2019

Virtual call centers are home based business opportunity to help people on a particular topic or area.often employ people from all parts of the world, who then do the job from their homes. You can create your own virtual call center operator for any company from your home.

Skills: Language, Communication, Domain Knowledge

2. Big Data Analytics and Outsourcing

Business Opportunities in 2019

Good technical experience in Data analytics will give an opportunity to start an own data analytics consulting firm. Yes, you know data is growing every day and it will keep on going increas in future as well. Many companies need to make sense of heaps of information to adjust their overall business strategies. Starting a Data Analytics firm in 2019 is the better idea for a already expertised data analyst.

Skills: Domain Knowledge, Background knowledge in economics, mathematics, or finance. Analytical tool operation.

3. Drone Videographer

Business Opportunities in 2019

If you like working with drones also if you are a good photographer then, becoming a drone videographer is the high-profit startup in 2019. Drones are officially accepted in many countries. Visit new places, ping with interesting people also earn money by doing your passion. drone operation itself a new job profile for many companies like Amazon, eBay, and FedEx.

Skills: Photography, Drone Operation.

4. AR/VR Mobile Application Developer

Business Opportunities in 2019

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the two future technologies going to give real-world experience on any mobile application in the future. It is estimated that the AR and VR market value is going to be $24.5 billion dollars by 2020. So, investing in VR and AR-based mobile applications development become a good business move in 2019.

Skills: Mobile Application Development, Domain Knowledge

5. 3D Printing Service and Sales

Business Opportunities in 2019

The 3D printer is a digital manufacturing technology to produce a 3-dimensional prototype of any product. Investing in High-Quality 3D printer will be a good opinion in 2019. Online based 3D printing service and sales will help many industries. 

Skills: 3D printer operation. 

6. IOT Service Provider

Business Opportunities in 2019

Internet of Things(IoT) is an emerging technology which solving as well as going to solve many business problems in the future. Think if all the things in the world will work like a smartphone. It will obviously require huge infrastructure, hardware sensors, and continuous support. Beginning a startup to provide an IoT Service become a good option in 2019. 

Skill: Domain Knowledge

7. Online Advertisement Service

Business Opportunities in 2019

This is not a global advertisements service, this business opportunity is all about local advertisement. Many local shops and manufacturers are struggling to advertise their products online. Creating a perfect platform which connects global clients with local micro and small industries throw online.    

Skills: Network Building, Social Media Accessing, Photoshop.   

8. Niche Website Owner

Business Opportunities in 2019

A good website is a gateway for any good business. Become an owner of a niche website is very easy but maintaining to predict new trends in the market before it gets too saturated. A good niche website will increase the sales of any business in terms of advertisement, marketing, and sales. 

Skills: Web development, Domain Knowledge, Being updated with current business affairs.

9. Language Translation

Business Opportunities in 2019

After several years of training Natural Language Processing(NLP) performs better for only a few languages not for all. Now a day all the companies started to spread their business wing into regional languages. The requirement of skilled native language translators is very high among companies. The right skilled person can start their new business startup in the platforms like UpworkFiverr, Indeed, or freelancer.

Skills: Language, Communication, Enough Domain Knowledge.

10. Organic Food Sales

Business Opportunities in 2019

Sales division are always ultimate in business if you are capable to sell any product you will become a master in that business. Consumption of organic food are growing every day, developing online based healthy organic home cooked food to office goers is the new business opportunities for many homemakers.

  Skills: Cooking, Network building, Sales.

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