11 Worst Traffic Congestion Cities in India

Author : Somasundaram R

Traffic Congestion Cities

Vehicle Traffic congestion is the most frustrating issue all over the world, In India, due to overpopulation and less mass transport facility, two wheeler and four-wheelers traffic is growing every year. Everyday people facing the worst traffic congestion in their daily routine. In this article, we are going to find out 11 Worst Traffic Congestion Cities in India based on Southern Asia Traffic Index 2018 by The global traffic survey from Numbeo. This survey includes several metrics like time of travel, city traffic management, road safety, pollution, population, and public vs private transport usage. 

What is Traffic Index?

Traffic Index is a composite Index of  time consumed in traffic due to job commute, Estimation of time consumption dissatisfaction, CO2consumption estimation in traffic and overall inefficiencies in the traffic system.

1. Kolkata

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 320.16​

Population: 4.5 Million

Kolkata is the fourth metropolitan city in India which has the highest traffic index in Southern Asia. Kolkata is one of the highly populated capital city of West Bengal state and the main reason for the worst traffic in the city is poor traffic management system. The survey identified that Kolkata secured 358.18 highest Inefficiency Index in India.

Reasons:  Population, Private vehicles domination, Inefficiency in Traffic Management. 

2. Delhi

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 277.29​

Population: 22 Million

The country's capital facing a severe traffic problem which forced the city to second worst traffic congested city in India. Delhi is one of the over populated cities in southern Asia and the main reason the Delhi gives more job opportunities, being a political hub of the country, functional area of government bodies, industries and so on. As far as mass transport is concerned Delhi performing very good with Metro Trains but it still lagging to control the growth of private vehicles. 

Reasons: Population, Political Security and Protocols, Industries, IT sectors.

3. Mumbai

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 276.07​

Population: 18 Million

Mumbai is the business capital and second largest populated city in India. This city effectively maintains 40% city traffic with Electric train transportation but another 50% to 60% traffic is really very poor because of the high density of cars and two vehicles usage. The cities Inefficiency Index is 278.41 which is the third highest index value in southern Asia.

Reasons: Business hub, Population, Celebrity protocols, Industries, IT sectors, Inefficiency in Traffic Management.

4. Bangalore

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 248.10

Population: 12 Million

The IT capital and India's Silicon Valley Bangalore or Bengaluru is the fourth worst traffic congesting city in India with the traffic index of 248.10. The city clearly maintains the traffic with the different mode of transport and rigid traffic rules but due to the high number of four wheeler usage creating deadlock kind of traffic jam every day. 

Reasons: Cars, Industries, IT sectors.

5. Coimbatore

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 230.79​

Population: 1.6 Million

The Manchester of South India -  Coimbatore is the fifth highest traffic congesting city in India. You may wonder, how this city got the fifth position. one of the main reason is poor traffic management system. The Inefficiency Index is 248.58 which very worst compare to the state capital Chennai. The main reason for the traffic is small and micro industries surrounded by the city. Since, the last 10 years of urbanization, there is very less mass transport facilities are adopted in the city.

Reasons: Industries, Encroachments, IT sectors.

6. Gurgaon

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 207.11​

Population: 2.5 Million

The Financial and Technology Hubb Gurgaon is a city just southwest of New Delhi. This major Industrial phase is facing deadly traffic every day. The main reason is commuters use cars to reach their offices or home instead of mass transports. The fast industrialization around the Delhi makes these traffic index rate getting worse every month.

Reasons: Cars, Industries, IT sectors.

7. Pune

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 195.05​

Population: 3.4 Million

Pune is the second high traffic congested city next to Mumbai in the state. the main reason is the lack of public transport and not all part of the city is connected with mass transport facility. The huge number of two-wheelers and four wheeler usage makes the city more traffic congested. also, it was observed that there are 8 lakh traffic rule violations are identified in Pune from January-June 2018

  Reasons: IT-Sectors, Less public transport, Traffic violations.

8. Chennai

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 190.10​

Population: 7.1 Million

Third Metropolitan city of the county Chennai is an eighth highest traffic congested city in India. Continues traffic maintenance and distributed usage of the electric train, metro train, and public transports make the city to score 190.10 traffic indexes which are very less compare to the other Metropolitan cities in the country. Still, the city facing heavy traffic in the peak hours due to an extreme number of two-wheelers and cars on the road. 

 Reasons: Constructions, IT-Sectors, Private vehicles domination.

9. Hyderabad

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 184.08​

Population: 6.8 Million

Hitech City Hyderabad tries to maintain its traffic level in a good condition with 6.8 million population still Increasing number of vehicles on the city roads creates a headache to the Hyderabad traffic maintenance.

 Reasons:  IT-Sectors, Increasing number of private vehicles.

10. Ahmedabad

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 168.32​

Population: 5.6 Million

Ahmedabad is the fifth most populated city in India. The city facing worst traffic during peak times due to illegal parking and less number of public transport usage.

 Reasons: Inefficiency in Traffic Management, Increasing number of private vehicles.

11. Mangalore

Traffic Congestion Cities

Traffic Index: 125.15​

Population: 4.2 Million

The chief port city Mangalore, officially known as Mangaluru is the 10 most traffic-congested city in India. Narrow roads, an increasing number of cars and private vehicles are the main reason for traffic increase in the city.

 Reasons:  Increasing number of private vehicles, Inefficiency in Traffic Management, Less public transport.

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