12 Special Sweets from Andhra Pradesh Localities

Author : Vaishali R

Special Sweets from Andhra Pradesh

Every place in the world has some special identities for their own.  Will see now about Andhra, the place which is known for spicy but still, some special sweets are their identities. Coming from Atreyapuram putarekulu to Kakinada Kaaja some sweets are special in some places. No one can beat their actual taste of the sweets from the origin. The name of the sweets like mamidi tandra, madatha kaja make us mouth licking.

Let’s see the sweets by their locality with a story,

Putarekulu - Atreyapuram


The name Putarekulu itself makes us tongue licking feel. But if it’s from Atreyapuram means surely our tongue starts dancing. It’s a thin layer like dosa sweet prepared with rice flour and sweeteners with the rich flavors of ghee. British said it as “Piece of a paper” they didn’t know the real taste of it.

Mamidi Tandra – Sarpavaram

Mamidi Tandra

Summer is hot but we always waits to enjoy the taste of real mangoes. Mamidi means mango, tandra means a jelly so it’s a jelly-like sweet. It is prepared using the real pulp pulp of the mango with sweeteners. The taste make us eat more and more. Many places are preparing this sweet but sarpavaram sweet is some special taste in its hand.

Kaaja – Kakinada

Kakinada Kaaja

Kaaja is prepared worldwide but still, a special attraction is there for Kakinada Kaja. Whoever goes to Kakinada must taste the richness of Kaja and whoever comes from Kakinada must bring kgs of kaja.

Gangaraju Palakova – Rajamundry


Equal to Putarekulu, this Ganga Raju Palakova is the one sales a lot with rich quality and taste. It is established in 1953 by Sri. Gangaraju Nimmalapudi and Smt. Satyavathi dwara and still running in a successful manner.

Laddu – Bandaru

Bandaru Laddu

The Name Krishna District is famous for Bejawada Goddess and this Bandaru laddu. There is a funny quote called “Laddula lo bandaru laddu veraya viswadabi rama pakka tinali ra mama” shows the real taste of this laddu.

KajjiKayalu – Penugonda

kajji kayalu

It is from West Godavari district and the Penugonda Locality made it famous by their uniqueness.

Thokkudu Laddu – Koorada

thokkudu laddu

A small village from west Godavari district called Koorada made a foot print for this laddu. Looks similar like Bandaru Laddu and tatse is rich.

Pakam Garelu – Perumallapuram

Pakam Garelu

It is a famous sweet for Diwali and New Year. It is prepared using jiggery syrup which gives a special taste.

Garajee – Konaseema


This Garajee is only available in Konaseema and no one can beat this original taste. It is made by the mixture of Sugar, Syrup, and Rice flour. It is prepared by the Muslim people for their marriages.

Madatha Kaja – Tapeswaram

Madatha Kaja

Tapeswaram always starts it story from this kaja only. It is a folded kaja famous for its real sweetness and flavors. It is from east Godavari village.

Malai Khaja – Nellore

Malai Khaja

It is look like our fantastic Gulab Jamun. It is prepared by combining equal amount of sweet milk, sugar, and maida. The taste is real twist here. It is first only available in Nellore and for Nellorians now it plays in online too.

Madugula – 127 years Halwa

Madugula Halwa

The same itself says that it is a very old rich sweet. It is introduced by Dangeti Murthy in 1890. It is a magical sweet made using wheat and sugar syrup. It became a compulsory sweet in their marriages.


Here I just listed some of the famous sweets in Andhra localities known to me, if I missed anything comment below:


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