15 Topmost Viewed Questions in Quora and the Best Answers

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15 Topmost Viewed Questions in Quora and the Best Answers

Humans are the only one who got all rights in the universe, more specific rights to talk, rights to show their interest and fight for it. In our daily life we always come up with an “n” numbers of questions, doubts and also “n” numbers of a solution, answers from yourself and also from everyone. Just think one minute, what was the first question or doubt you asked and to whom? Just surprising it’s one and only our parents.

After became an adult, we started using Google for each and everything. If we don’t know something, we blankly say “Google It”. Even though Google gives us the right answer and solution we didn’t get a platform like a forum where everyone can answer for it from their point. Quora fulfilled it, millions of person can answer for a question, shoot their questions and doubts. It is the topmost platform which gives us a perfect knowledge sharing guide.

Here we can sum up with top most viewed questions in Quora and best answers for it,

Question 15:

Why are there crushed stones alongside rail tracks?

(This Question got more than 1 million views in Quora)

While seeing this question, every one of us feels that yes, why? Am also the one who thinks about it.  Sometimes very small things have huge valuable reasons, its one among them. Let’s see what are the discussions went on it and how we got valuable answers.

Best Answers:

Answered by: Dave Larsen, IBEW RSE Electrician, songwriter, nerd, on Sep 18, 2013 and this answer got 48.9k Views

I found his answer is short and crisp.

“I'm not an engineer (either kind) but I believe that the gravel is called road-bed.

I would guess that gravel roadbed is used for a few reasons.

As the train wheels roll along, the tracks flex slightly. The gravel helps distribute the constantly shifting point loads where monolithic support would tend to break up over time.

The gravel ensures that the substrate under the tracks is adequately drained, which is critical for the tracks, especially when there is exposure to a freeze-thaw cycle

Gravel maintains support of and the distance between the cross ties

Gravel is in a sense like a flexible stone. It is for practical purposes waterproof and can withstand heavy compression. It doesn't rot.

Any engineers out there who can tell me if I'm on the right track?

Yes, he is correct and the answer for it is clearly given here,


Answered by:​ Shah Jayesh, B.tech from Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad,  Updated on  Nov 1, 2017 and this answer got 26.8k Views​

Track ballast- the stones that you see lying close to the railway tracks are collectively called track ballast. Track ballast is packed between the sleepers, in the areas below, and on the sides of railway tracks

Sleepers- A railway sleeper is rectangular support that is usually kept perpendicular to the tracks. Means in the middle which is of concrete mainly (wood was mainly used in Britishers rule) to hold the rails and properly spaced.



An important function is to absorb the vibrations and protect rigid structures by doing so.

 They provide support to the tracks. As sharp and edges stones are used (because when train moves so that they didn't move on each other) so that they maintain the space between the tracks.

In preventing the growth of vegetation otherwise maintenance will cost much.

It drains out any water that may be around the tracks that water doesn’t stay

Near the tracks and compromise the support provided by of the ground below.

Interesting thing:

EPDM - Ethylene Propylene diene monomer is a rubber which is used in rail tracks to decrease the amount of vibration produced by trains because of its high resistance to heat, water and other mechanical strains


Photography: What are some of the most inspirational photos ever taken?

(This Question got more than 1 million views in Quora)

Photography is a passion for some and it’s a hobby for some. Let see the interesting answers with photos for this question in Quora.

Best Answer:

Answered by: Irshad Zeya, Change is the Only Constant, Answered on Jul 24, 2016and this answer got 172.8k Views

This picture changed me “How I see my world!”.


The picture has been taken in war-torn Palestine.


A father is bathing his Daughter and Niece in a bathtub in their destroyed house.


Dad has a splendid smile on his face and the kids could be seen to laughing.


It looks that the “Destructive forces” was able to destroy everything except the high “Spirit” of this man.


This Dad must be a super Dad who has lost too much but still making things fun.


They are making things happier with whatever they are left with.


And here I stood who would complain for a bad mess food, slow WiFi, Power cuts, and the list continues to the smallest to the smallest things.


Hardly being thankful and satisfied for what I got.


After thinking too much about this pic and observing it for long, I really feel inspired to be a better & thankful person from now on.


Answered by: Hicham Mounadi, Student  Answered Sep 22, 2015, and this answered got more than 2.3k Views

Dr. Religa monitors his patient's vitals after a 23-hour long heart transplant surgery. His assistant is sleeping in the corner. [1987]

Quora most viewed

The patient not only survived the surgery but outlived his doctor.

Flag Raising On Iwo Jima, Joe Rosenthal, 1945

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It is but a speck of an island 760 miles south of Tokyo, a volcanic pile that blocked the Allies’ march toward Japan. The Americans needed Iwo Jima as an air base, but the Japanese had dug in. U.S. troops landed on February 19, 1945, beginning a month of fighting that claimed the lives of 6,800 Americans and 21,000 Japanese. On the fifth day of battle, the Marines captured Mount ­Suribachi.


An American flag was quickly raised, but a commander called for a bigger one, in part to inspire his men and demoralize his opponents. Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal lugged his bulky Speed Graphic camera to the top, and as five Marines and a Navy corpsman prepared to hoist the Stars and Stripes, Rosenthal stepped back to get a better frame—and almost missed the shot. “The sky was overcast,” he later wrote of what has become one of the most recognizable images of war.


“The wind just whipped the flag out over the heads of the group, and at their feet the disrupted terrain and the broken stalks of the shrubbery exemplified the turbulence of war.” Two days later Rosenthal’s photo was splashed on front pages across the U.S., where it was quickly embraced as a symbol of unity in the long-fought war. The picture, which earned Rosenthal a Pulitzer Prize, so resonated that it was made into a postage stamp and cast as a 100-ton bronze memorial.

Views For this answer: 323.7k Views

These are some answers I really felt interested in.


If pi ended what number would it end on?

(This Question got more than 2 million views in Quora)

A Simple mathematical question but has more value for it.

Best Answer:

Answered by: Michael Mann, studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  Answered on Mar 25, 2017, and this answer got over 2.3k Views  

By “end” I assume you mean the decimal representation of that number has a finite number of digits. If this is the case, no number truly ”ends,” and it would probably be best for you to think of it in this manner to avoid confusion.


The decimal representation of rational numbers is said to either terminate after a finite number of digits or proceed indefinitely with a certain set of digits repeating. However, those numbers which seemingly terminate after a finite number of digits could be written with a repeating digit of zero ad infinitum, which would make them identical to their non-terminating counterparts. Thus, rational numbers, in their decimal form, go on forever but repeat a certain set of digits. It may be the single digit 0, allowing it to be written in a simpler form.


pi is irrational. Its decimal form does not ever end (like ALL real numbers) AND no pattern of digits repeats ad infinitum. So, it makes no sense to ask what number pi would end on if it ended. It would not be pi if it ended.

Yes, Pi is irrational. Hence it can’t be ended.


What is the greatest single image in movie history?

(This Question got more than 2 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by: Dan Munro, Author of Casino Healthcare and Forbes Contributor,  Answered on Apr 22, 2017, and this answer got 48.7k Views

quora most viewed

It’s a tough question because movies are moving images. Picking a single frame as a single “greatest” image isn’t entirely accurate because certainly some of the best — if not the greatest images — are tied directly to a collection of moving images (or scenes).


Most of the images selected so far are good choices, of course, but my vote (not referenced so far) has to be this one from one of my all time favorite films — Lawrence of Arabia.


This now famous image/scene is notable for many reasons — not the least of which is that cinematographer Freddie Young used a 482mm lens from Panavision for the scene. Panavision still has this lens, and it is officially known among cinematographers as the “David Lean lens.” It was created specifically for this one shot and has not been used since.


By the genre of “Epic,” the American Film Institute selected Lawrence of Arabia as their #1 pick in their Top 10 list of all time. The other nine are:

2) Ben Hur
3) Schindler’s List
4) Gone With the Wind
5) Spartacus
6) Titanic
7) All Quiet on the Western Front
8) Saving Private Ryan
9) Reds
10) The Ten Commandments


The whole scene is about 3mins long — and is arguably the single best entrance and introduction to a character (Sherif Ali — played by Omar Sharif) ever filmed.

More answers are interesting but he gave a conclusion that movies are moving images, that line gave an exact answer for the above question.


What are 20 random facts about yourself?

(This Question got more than 2 million views in Quora)

This question is simple but it gives us to know the people mentality, behavior clearly. Let’s see the best answer with high views.

Best Answer:

Answered by: Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra, I learn. I share.  Updated May 4, 2017, and this answer got 110.6k Views

#1. I hand-write drafts for almost all of my answers before I type them and post on Quora. And, thus I often end up not posting a lot of my answers out of my indolence.


#2. The first girl I proposed was named Akanksha. She denied. The first proposal I received was from a girl named Akanksha. I denied. Then, I got in a relationship with another girl named Akanksha! I wonder what's with this name and me!


#3. I have lived in various places of India- Siliguri, Hanumangarh, Bahadurgarh, New Delhi, Kota, Faridabad, Gwalior- 7 cities, 5 states of India.


#4. My mother and I were born on the same date of 11th December. That is pretty rare. I have never met another person who shares his/her birthday with his/her parents.


#5. I love to look good. I almost always dress up well if I'm heading out even for mere 5 minutes. I simply love to view myself in the mirror.


#6. Average child laughs 315 times a day. Average adult laughs 15 times a day. I laugh almost 90-100 times a day.


#7. I learnt to swim on my own. I was in 7th standard back then and used to go to swim with my friends. While my friends learnt the sport in mere 15 days with the help of a coach, I mastered its various forms on my own in 30 days.


#8. I'm an avid coin and stamp collector. I have a collection of almost 295 coins from over 59 nations. These coins go back to the ages of 16th century. Also, I have 289 stamps from over 77 nations. Not even my closest friends know about it.


#9. If you don't have proof of something. It's pretty tough for me to believe you. I have pretty strong respect for my rationale. And, I keep it's judgments in very high esteem.


#10. I have seen the FRIENDS TV sitcom for 7 times. All ten seasons, seven times. I know that might be unpalatable to some. But, I simply can’t resist the Joey love.


#11. At my peak I have performed 450 push-ups in a single day.


#12. I'm very peculiar about the way things around me are used. One must use everything with utter care, else they can expect some rants from me. Call it OCD or anything else. But, I like everything properly and safely. I don't like it when people take anything for granted.


#13. Other than my exam time, I read about 4-5 hours a day. Reading is the fuel that keeps me going. I have a huge appetite for learning more and more. And, my books are the greatest source for that.

#14. I can't read even three pages straight from a physical book without yawning. I find physical/paperback books very displeasing. Kindle is my all-time best friend in this regard.


#15. I know a lot about International politics, Israel, Mossad, Sayeret Matkal, Middle-East conflicts and Modern Indian history.


#16. Be it Holi or Diwali, festivals don't excite me much. Visiting orphanages is much more my thing.


#17. I have been caught cheating thrice. All the three times it was examinations of Sanskrit subject. All the times it was the same teacher. Misery!


#18. Be it today or 20 years later. But, I'll definitely end up in Mumbai. I have been in love with the city ever since I visited it last year. There is no place like Mumbai to me in India.


#19. I can't wait for episodes of sitcoms to be released. So, I binge watch them once the series is all over. I keep a lot of snacks laid around me, and I watch TV sitcoms straight for over 6-7 hours in a go.



#20. I'm terrific at remembering dates. First hug. First proposal. The day I got 1 Million views on Quora. The day I began blogging. The day I began reading. Everything. I have it all imprinted in my head.

Phew! My brain is super tired after this. Time for some rest.

It’s worth reading his answer, he had spent more time to write it heartily.


What made you sad today?

(This Question got more than 3 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by: Saumya Sharma, studies at National Institute of Fashion Technology (2021), Updated on Jun 5, 2017, and this answer got 439.2k V views 

A rich daughter insulting her not so rich father in public made me sad today!

Today my mom and I went to a jewelry store to buy some diamond jewelry for her. Next to us was seated a girl with her parents. Uncle looked old and a normal middle-class person but had a beautiful smile on his face.

He asked the shopkeeper to show some gold bangles for their daughter's wedding. When salesman showed him some bangles worth 60k he proudly said -


Bhaiya thodi heavy si dikhaiye! Beti ki shaadi hai! Sb kuch isi ke liye hi toh joda (save) hai puri life!

(English Translation-Please Show some heavier bangles! It's my dear daughter's wedding. All these years I have saved my hard earned money just for her!)

Then he and his wife selected a pair of bangles worth 1.2 lakh for their daughter while she was busy in texting!


The girl saw it and said in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, “oh please dad! How can you expect me to wear these cheap middle-class bangles! No need to buy if you can't afford something classy! I am successful now and can afford expensive jewelry! U leave it! I will buy with my money!” And asked the shopkeeper to show diamond bangles in range 4–5 lakh!

I can never forget that sad expression on uncle's face. I guess she was one of the poorest people I have ever met

It’s a really sad answer.


Are there any poor people on Quora, as Internet access is very cheap nowadays?

It’s a real-time question that everyone has a doubt. This Question got more than 3 million views in Quora

Best Answer:

Answered by: Mohammad Khan, works at Momekh,  Answered on May 17, 2017, and this answer got 22.2k Views

Yes, because “poor” is a relative term. Unless you define it. And it has been defined by the good folks sitting in big buildings with free parking for their cars.


If you earn less than $60 bucks a month, you’re below the poverty line. If you earn more than $60 per month, you are ABOVE the poverty line.


People who earn less than $60 a month, they are not on Quora.


So no, “poor” as per definition, are not on Quora.


Less than 3.5 Billion are connected to the Internet in one form or the other. That leaves almost as much who are NOT connected to the Internet. So generally speaking, it is will be unwise to assume that poor people are using the Internet, using Quora etc.


Being poor is and will remain a relative concept… a person who is showing us a wardrobe and a TV and a phone is NOT poorer than a few people I know who earn less than $80 bucks a month (here in Pakistan), and then have four kids to feed. And when you would ask that person if things are tough, he may first praise God for giving him so much, and then relate an incident or two of people poorer than him, people who are on “automatic fasting” because they dont have access to food.


So even if there are poorer people on Quora, they are still on Quora and were blessed enough to speak and understand English and have access to the Internet. Most people don’t. And possibly won’t for years to come.



What is the most private photo you have ever taken?

(This Question got more than 5 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by: Hope Pitney, Server at Hearth 'n Kettle (2017-present),  Updated Aug 22, 2016, and this answer got 473.4k Views

This is a very funny and embarrassing story. My husband and I were separated for 11 months, meaning he left me due to family obligations and not because we split up. To keep our romance alive while we were apart, we'd have phone sex and send each other photos. Well, one day I took some racy topless pics because my man is a boob guy. I forgot to delete said pictures.


Fast forward about a week or so and he sends me a pic of a pic from 14 years ago that he found in his belongings of when we were first together. I decided to go around work and show all my coworkers and my bosses because we were oh so cute. I handed the phone to my boss so she could get a better look and she accidentally swiped to the naked booby picture. She threw the phone back to me but not before her husband saw too. Oops. Now whenever I want to show them a pic, he says oh God it better not be your breasts or a dick pic. Hahaha


Funny heeeeeeeeee!


What is the most under-rated pleasure?

(This Question got more than 6 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by: Vishak Raman, Still living, still learning. More importantly - still growing.  Updated on Jun 13, 2017, and this answer got 787.9k Views

Imagine this.

You are J.

J wakes up at 6:30 am, brushes his teeth, takes a shower, eats breakfast, drives to work, finishes up at 5 pm, drives home, watches a little telly, eats dinner, reads a book, and goes to sleep.

See anything wrong with J’s day? No?


How about the fact J didn’t wake up to a blaring alarm clock, turn it off and go back to sleep thereby winding up late for work - only to have a flat tire on the way. J didn’t get reprimanded by his boss who told him to stay over-time. J didn’t have to finally leave his workplace around 7 pm, take a taxi over to the Wal-Mart Tire Repair Service to collect his car, only to realize he left his wallet at home, and J didn’t finally roll into his driveway at 10 pm, just in time to watch in horror as his house burned down because he left the gas on.


What’s the most under-rated pleasure?


What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

(This Question got more than 10 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by: Dipak Rangote, former Civil Engineer at Larsen & Toubro ECC (2016-2018),  Answered on Jan 6, 2018 and this post got 123.6k Views

Believe me, I have the best advice for you!

Imagine, you are stuck somewhere and from last 3 hours you have a strong urge to go to toilet and get things done.

Finally, you get freedom and you start running towards toilet. You take your pants down furiously with the speed of light and acquire toilet seat with great satisfaction.

Ever in your life you must have gone through this.


At the time of taking pants down you feel the strongest urge to get things done however you have controlled yourself for last 3 hours. In those 10 seconds if in any case you don't take your pants down then definitely you will get into disaster.


That's same with your problems. They tend to appear much bigger when they are about to end. So, whenever your problems seem to get more complicated don't panic. Time has come to finish the problem but only thing you have to do is have patience and keep doing things in calm manner otherwise you know the disaster.

Amazing yaarrr!!!!


What are some great advertisements?

(This Question got more than 15 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by Vibhor Dhote, Philomath,  Updated on Jun 13, 2015, and this answer got 13.9k views.

quora most viewed

quora most viewed


Here are some of my favorites poster ads. Work of pure geniuses all of it. Will keep on adding as I find more.

Orion Telescopes (Do note the 'Made in China' on the US flag)

Poster ad for Canadian Paralympics:

Organ Donor Ad:

Anti-smoking ad:

Brucciani: Free WiFi

Biolink Shampoo Intense Moisture:

Dove - Unstick your style:

Kansas - city Library:

Fiat-Drive Friendly:

Ariel - Because color is everything:

Eye testing:

Hellenic Association of Blood Don

Sorry, I can’t give all the Ad pictures here. To see more check his page on Quora.


What is a secret which you would not tell anybody in real life, but would on Quora using anonymity?

(This Question got more than 15 million views in Quora)

I hope this question gives more answers because who are all having fear to open out something outside they can use anonymity and expose their feelings here. Such interesting!!


Answered by Anonymous,  Updated Mar 4, 2018, and this post viewed by 361.8k Views people

Then story of me becoming a slut….

I'm a 28 year old woman in Tamil nadu, India.


4 years back I was orphaned by the death of my widow mother. I had no options to live, I studied only till 12th standard. This is the time when I was cornered by my dad's old friends, who offered me a living in exchange for my body.


I had no choice in that part of my life when I had to accept it. They gave me 10k per night to fuck a guy. Even now I regret doing that but I had no other options and I didn't do it intentionally. They used to offer 10k for every night twice every week. It was going on for two months when I met another guy who was so horny that he ended up fucking me for the whole night. He was so interested in me that he took me away with him saying that I'm worth more than 10k per night. He introduced me to the dark markets of the city. I made a lot of money for about a year. Sometimes business men came in group of four and offered me upto a lakh for that night. This was when I started using Quora to gain knowledge on sexuality. It made me think about my life. I started to understand how stupid I was in fucking every random guy I met to live a luxurious life.


I wanted to stop it once for ever. I had a huge savings account. I started to search peace in life. I met an old acquaintance (uncle) of my family who had a grocery shop. I thought this was the right time to start living a normal life. I started working in the shop on a dialy basis. My uncle did not know about my past. This part of my life turned to be the most beautiful one. I started to write on Quora and got a bit popular. I met the love of my life, my uncle's son. I said about my past at the instant he proposed me. He said he loved me for my new life I live and he said that he'll forget the past. He wanted me to hide this information and not even tell about this to my uncle. I promised (sorry that I have broke his promise on Quora). He had me tested for STDs and it tested negative.


Now I've been married to him for the past 1.5 years and we have a little girl. He has a stable job in a private firm and I continue to supervise in our grocery store. Last month I decided to discard the savings in my bank account. I talked about this with my husband and we decided it to donate it to an orphanage. I felt immensely happy during the moment we gave the cheque of 11.5 lakhs (18k USD) to the collector of a girl's orphanage. I felt like I had prevented lots of girls from becoming like me.


Now I'm living a happy life with my family with this little secret which i hope will remain a secret forever.


Edit 1: I thank all of the people who commented saying that faith in humanity is restored. I do believe that it's happening. And for all those people out there telling that I'm a stupid little teenager trying to become a budding writer, I can say only one thing, if you are trying to make me reveal myself then you fail my friends. I have seen a lot harsher things than your comments and I'll definitely ignore them. However I thank you people for the good comments and yes my husband is really a good person and I'm very lucky to have him.


Edit 2: I'll try to answer many of the doubts raised. It's your wish whether you are gonna believe it or not.

1. How is my English fluent?

I said I studied till 12th standard and I do have some knowledge on English and I'm using Quora for the past two years.

2. Then how did I get trapped inspite of some basic knowledge?


I said “I was cornered by my dad's friends and there is a big story about it how I was forced to make such decision”

3. How did you make money as high as 11.5 lakhs?


If you were to ask this question then you are wrong, you have no idea how much people pay per intercourse. Try asking some people with knowledge on this sector.

There are many answers interesting please into the questions and answers in Quora.


What are some mind-blowing facts that sound like 'BS', but are actually true?

(This Question got more than 20 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by Mads Olsen, a Former intern at the Danish Parliament.  Updated on Apr 29, 2017, and this answer got 128k Views 

Your mind can’t make up new faces. Every face you see in your dreams are not strangers. They are people you have encountered at least once in your lifetime. The creepy side of this is, that every time you have sex with someone in your dreams, it is most likely someone you know.


You share 50% of your DNA with a banana. This one is really something that shocked me. 50% of my genes are in a banana? We also share 80 % of our DNA with cows, and 60% with chickens.


United Airlines lost 180 million dollars due to a song. When in 2009 United Airlines broke a man’s 4500 dollar guitar, they refused to pay him. In revenge, he wrote a protest song that resulted in a 10% stock price fall, costing stockholders 180 million dollars. Apparently, they have a history of violence.


London can be classified as a forest. Somehow, there are so many trees in London, that by UN definition that it could be classified as a forest. There are currently around 8.4 million trees, nearly 1 tree per person.


Your brain shrinks during pregnancy. Now, there is no need to be worried about this. It is actually perfectly normal in healthy pregnancies. This happens late in pregnancy, and although no one knows exactly why, your brain will return to its normal size some time after pregnancy.


Note: I will keep adding to this list as I discover some more fascinating facts. Thanks for reading!



What is the most horrific picture you have ever seen?

(This Question got more than 5 million views in Quora)

Best Answer:

Answered by Pranav Vasanthi, Research Scientist at Aston University,  Updated on Mar 21, 2018  and this answer got 244.3k Views

quora most viewed

quora most viewed

Imagine, if you were crushed inside 0a glass bottle, such that you are completely immobilised. You can’t turn you head, you can’t move your body parts, you can’t look up or down, you are suffocating and you are extremely stressed and nervous. The only thing you can do is breathe. Now imagine that the only thing you breathe is cigarette smoke for 6–7 hours a day, 7 days a week, for several months. How would you feel?

This is probably what a rodent would ask you if it had the chance to.

Because this has been their life for several decades now.

You see that white stuff inside the glass canisters? That’s not cotton candy. Those are live rats. As in, alive for the next few months before they would develop cancer all over their body and be ripped apart to analyse the effect of cigarette smoke exposure. Rats generally avoid breathing cigarette smoke. So, they are deliberately enclosed in glass canisters and forced to inhale noxious gases for several hours a day!


All for what? To analyse petty things like the effect of adding strawberry flavour to tobacco cigarettes or any other disgusting flavour to your E-cigarette.


And for God’s sake, even the science is inaccurate. Rats are obligate nose breathers. They can only breathe cigarette smoke or E-cigarette vapour through their nose as opposed humans who inhale cigarette smoke through their mouth. Rats have less extensive bronchus branching compared to humans and the airway epithelial cells are ‘non-ciliated’ as opposed to the ciliated human bronchial epithelial cells. The mucus-producing glands of mice are much smaller and less in number compared to humans. In fact, some scientists argue that mouse do not have bronchiolar glands! It is a highly contentious issue. But almost all the scientists agree that this lack of sub-mucosal glands makes mouse a poor animal model for human diseases like chronic bronchitis. (Rats do have these bronchiolar mucus-producing glands but they are mostly concentrated on the upper region of airways as opposed to uniformly and evenly distributed mucosal glands in humans)


Rats are not the only species which undergo this torture. If you haven’t had the misfortune of seeing the iconic ‘smoking beagles’ picture then here it is:

(Sorry dog lovers, I had to! Profuse apologies)

These beagles were used to test the efficacy of an apparently ‘safe cigarette’, which I believe is as much a reality as space-ships and aliens. It was the chutzpah of an audacious journalist called Mary Beith, that exposed this horrendous scientific practice to the world. It is probably this image which has made animal usage for science highly regulated now. Ever wondered how one person or one image can change the world? That’s Mary Beith and her photograph for you.


Okay, how do we progress with science then without using animals?


Well, the good news is that there has been tremendous recent advances in animal-free science specifically in airways disease modelling like lung-on-a-chip or air-liquid-interface in-vitro culturing (please ignore the jargons if you have to). Almost all the scientists throughout the world are trying to minimise the usage of animals unless it is absolutely necessary. It is an universal initiative called 3R’s- replacement, reduction and refinement of animal usage in laboratories. Such a global initiative would augur the progress of more human relevant science. Such an effort would also catalyse human medicines faster and more relevant drugs/vaccines be produced in a shorter span of time.


Hence, save animals. Replace animals with better science. Use animals only when it is absolutely necessary. If not, don’t!


And btw, if you think I am an animal sympathiser wasting my time here, you are wrong. I am a research scientist pursing my PhD in a subject quite relatable to what I have written here.

Oh and for those of you wondering what the hell a lung-on-a-chip is, look at this badass:

That thing there, the size of a USB stick, can literally mimic your lung action! It was developed by Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. For further details, Google.



What are the most amazing photos you have ever taken?

(This Question got more than 10 million views in Quora)


Answered by Prasannjeet Singh, I know how to use a Camera!,  Answered on Oct 27, 2015, and this answer got 3.7k Views 

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My story is about the image above. Pretty simple, right? Looks like yet another day.

But wait, did you notice something peculiar above?
You might be wondering why are the street lights lit up (4 of them in this pic) on a sunny day! And that's the thing which makes it special. I took this image at around midnight in complete darkness with a very basic mobile camera without flash.

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This is the time when I was in the 2nd semester of my engineering in Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka (India). I along with my friend skipped dinner because we were too busy playing Counter Strike and Celebrating Sachin's Double Century! Naturally, we were extremely hungry after midnight and planned to order food from a nearby 24/7 restaurant (Spice & Ice). Due to restrictions, we had to walk till the main gate of our campus to pick up the order.


It was completely dark and raining heavily, thus we borrowed an umbrella and a phone with flashlight (Nokia N85). While waiting for the delivery boy, I noticed the frequency of  lightning to be more than normal, and so I took out the N85 to take that dream shot (at least for me, especially with that camera!).


Phone-Cameras those time were not as fast as they are now. It took me 35+ minutes and 200+ photos to finally synchronize my click with the lightning which I guess lasts just for a few milliseconds!

Picture of the same place milliseconds later:


Uncropped Full Image:

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I guess the lightning spanned for so little time that the sorry camera wasn't able to capture the whole thing in time!


No. of tries (as saved in my folder) before I finally got the perfect picture (there are more but this explains it!):
Date Taken: After midnight, April 24th, 2010.
Camera: Nokia N85
No, I am not a photographer!

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