21 Lucky People who had their Best day - Find out here

Author : Dinesh Babu B

Fluke won't occurs to everyone at every-time, according to statistics and probability. But in some cases, lucky people has some lucky fluke which made their day a wonderful one.

The following are some photos which proves fluke and luck favors some people.

1.The driver was safe thankfully and it looks scarier

2. It looks like a Movie stunt

3. I wonder how they did open this cupboard!

4. The Owner of the car was very lukcy

5. Another Lucky car owner

6. It looks like a perfect measurement

7. They made two small from remaining flour

8. Wonder how he escape from the pain.

9. Just missed 

10. I always afraid about this whenever I exit from lift.

11. What a question with such hard options to choose!

12. I wish I got a packet like this.

13. Cream biscuit with three biscuits 

14. Clover leave with five clove.

15. Mega size lemon

16. What is this.!

17. Kitkat with no wafer and full chocolate.

18. How the driver driving this truck!

19. This is the reason why everyone should wear safety attire

20. Imagine if you were in that squirrel's place while cutting a tree. frightening right!

21. Finally, he is the luckiest one today.

Bonus: Pastor's Leg Flush eaten by Lion - But Alive -  Saved by Zookeepers 

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