21 types of phobia – Strange, Unusual and Funny Phobias

Author : Dinesh Babu B

types of phobias

Phobia – an Anxiety disorder defined by persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.

Life is difficult and miserable for those who suffered from phobia. There are many types of phobia to which people gets affected.

Some of them seems funny to us but in reality it is tough for the people to live with such disorder.

Here in this list are some kind of such phobias.

Bibliophobia- Fear of books


This is caused to children who found difficult in studies and going to school. Those who suffered from this phobia cannot able to read out loud in class.

Natural dislike in studies, scary images like witchcrafts in books are some of the causes for this phobia

Cibophobia – Fear of food


Fear of food is something complicated and this phobia can cause serious eating disorder.

One with cibophobia, particularly avoid certain foods in starting stage and if untreated it leads to serious health issues like Anorexia.

Caligynephobia or Gynephobia - Fear of beautiful women


Mistrusted relationship with woman is one of the main reasons of this phobia. Those men feel tense and shaky when beautiful woman walked past.

Medications and relaxation techniques can be helpful for the treatment of panic attacks and symptoms.

Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing


This may be most common form of phobia which affected many people in the world and it is a situational phobia like fear to take bath in winter.

Ailurophobia- Fear of cats


Many loves cat but some people develop the fear of cats. Seeing a cat, rubbing a cat stimulates afraid in them.

Big cats like Tigers and Lion can also trigger such kind of fear.

Cynophobia- Fear of dogs


Likewise fear of cats, some have fear of dogs.

Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns


Clowns are amusing character. But their costume and make-up looks scarier to some people. Those people develop coulrophobia themselves.

Trauma caused during childhood may be the reason for this phobia. Remember some movies!

Demophobia- Fear of crowds


Demophobia or Agoraphobia is the fear of crowds. It is a social phobia which makes them to fear social gatherings and places where more crowd is present.

Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth


This is the really funny phobia among this list

Anatidaephobia - Fear that one is being constantly watched by a duck


This is one more animal phobia in this list. But this is something severe too.

People suffered by this phobia feels that a duck is watching them always.

Heliophobia- Fear of the sun


Heliophobia is the fear of the sunsunlight, or any bright light. It is a type of specific phobia.

Sesquipedalophobia- Fear of long words


This phobia is also known as ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’.

Really scary. Isn’t it.!

Dishabiliophobia- Fear of undressing in front of someone


Some feel shy to undress in front of others. But people with this phobia feels afraid and distressed when they are in such kind of situation.

Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting


All are wanted someone to love themselves. But some of us fears that our loved ones will ignore us which causes this phobia.

Anuptaphobia- Fear of staying single


May be many of this generation men and women has this phobia.

Philophobia- Fear of falling in love or being in love


Some afraid of being single and some afraid of falling in love. That phobia is called as philophobia.

Gamophobia- Fear of marriage


This kind of phobia affects one’s personal life and leads to more stress.

Genophobia- Fear of sex


Gymnophobia- Fear of nudity


Philemaphobia or Philematophobia- Fear of kissing


Panophobia or Pantophobia- Fear of everything


Life is extremely difficult for these people suffering from these phobias. 

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