3 new iPhone in 2018 - Specs and Release date

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new iphone 2018

Apple is going to launch 3 new iPhone this year. This is going to be a happy news for all Apple fans.

According to Bloomberg, this September Apple is planning to introduce brand new iPhone models in the market.

It was already rumored and now it gets confirmed. Most probably, Apple will announce it officially by September.

The 3 new models will be an Updated IPhone-X, a bigger iPhone and the successor of iPhone 8

iPhone-X Update

The update iPhone-X might with an improved chip and even better camera. Its performance will be much better than the current one.

Look wise it will be similar to one which you can buy today and also the price tag will be $999 same as now.

But you will definitely love the improved performance and for it thanks to updated A12 chipset, which is designed by Apple and manufactured by the TSMC.

Bigger iPhone

Now customers are more obsessed with bigger screen mobiles and to satisfy those, Apple is introducring an iPhone with bigger screen.

The screen size will be gigantic, 6.5 inches, which is very good for Gaming and video watching.

Also, it will be similar to the current iPhone-X which has Stainless steel edges, OLED display and two cameras at the back.

There is also chance for introducing Dual-Sim in this phone which is very new for Apple iPhone.

new iphone x
Iphone new mode front panel image by Ben Geskin

iPhone-8 successor.

Apple is going to launch the successor of iPhone-8 in iPhone-x design, that is with the famous notch.

Though, they are planning to introduce it with the much lesser price tag as like the price of iPhone-8 available now, $850.

For the price reduction, there is going to be some compromises in the design and specification which is very obvious.

For instance, Apple will replace the Stainless steel edges with Aluminum edges. Instead of OLED screen, which is very costly, LCD screen will be used and with single camera and not dual.

iphone new model
Updated Iphone-x and iPhone-8 successor by Ben Geskin

Also it will be available in more colors like White, Grey, Red, Blue and Orange, a previous rumor indicated.

Anyhow, it is going to be happy news for iPhone fanatics. 

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