5 Useful tips to maintain good mental health in 2019

Author : Dinesh Babu B

good mental health

2019 already begins and it is the time to take some resolutions that one should follow strictly in this year. Apart from resolutions like maintaining good physique by going to the gym, one should also consider maintaining their mental health in a good manner.

Good mental health comes only by practicing some good things regularly. Here are five simple strategies for you to improve your mental health and live a peaceful happy life.

Be kind to yourself.

You should learn to forgive yourself. Whatever mistakes you did in the past, forget that and forgive yourself. Don’t be so hard that you forget the enjoy the life you have.

Whenever you feel down, think about your goal, old good memories and about the people you love. Learn from your mistakes and move on rather than blaming yourself for it.

Research suggests that constant self-criticism and perfectionism increases stress and also hamper productivity and causes mental disorders like depression, anxiety. So just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

Surround yourself with optimistic and lovable people and let go of the toxic relationship that leaves you mentally and emotionally drained.

Here are some tips for you to live happily.


Meditation can change one’s into a peaceful one. There is no scientific evidence to prove the benefits of meditation yet it is universally accepted that it can relieve stress, depression, overthinking and also improves mood, boost memory and promotes sleep.

10 minutes of morning meditation daily is enough to give us the benefits. Sit idle, don’t think about anything and do meditation. Even chanting a mantra also, a good idea for peaceful meditation.

Always remember, one habit will change your life and that may be Meditation.

Immerse yourself in Nature.

Visiting beach regularly, a mountain hike or even an evening walk, these habits can beneficial for mental wellbeing. Love, respect and enjoy our mother nature.

Engaging with nature lower stress and anxiety, elevates mood, enhances self-esteem, stimulates creativity and improves memory. Research suggests that gardening even promote relaxation.

Set Clear Priorities.

Starting this new year, set and prioritize your important work in an effective way and work hard to implement those.

Make sure your priorities align with your life goals. Start by making a list of five or six goals you wish to achieve this year, both professional and personal ones. Then prioritize all your daily tasks keeping those goals in mind. It will help you stay motivated and achieve those goals within this year.

Get enough sleep.

Sleeping pattern and mental health are always interlinked. Getting a good night sleep enhances memory, productivity, and even creativity. Staying sleep deprived for long can lead to mental fatigue, anxiety, and weight gain.

Scientists suggest that seven to eight hours of sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. Especially studies show that women need more sleep than men. So get enough sleep daily and maintain good mental health.


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