Alive (1993) - Movie Review

Author : Kumaran Shanmugam

Alive (1993)

Alive (1993) - Must Watch Survival Movie of Andes Air Crash Survivors - Review by Kumaran Shanmugam

This movie is a true story based on the book written by the author Piers Paul Reid. In October 1972 Forty-five Amateur rugby players flew to Chile from Uruguay in Air Force plane of Uruguay. In the course of the flight, the plane experiences turbulence and the pilot misread the altimeter and descends the plane which flies over the Andes mountains between the jutting mountain peaks. Unfortunately, the tail and the wings get clipped by the mountain and the plane crashes with the fuselage sliding downhill on the snow slope coming to a halt at the base.

Alive (1993)

The survivors are in a state of shock freezing in cold Andean winter with many of them injured. The pilot and copilot die. Two medical students help the injured. The passengers subsist on rations of chocolate and wine which eventually gets exhausted and after a long contemplation eat the flesh of the disceassed.

An avalanche strikes unexpectedly burying the fuselage in snow and increasing the casualties. Two of the survivors find the tail of the plane and return with the batteries and some food supplies. With no help coming three of the survivors namely Nando, Roberto Canessa and Viztin take an arduous journey to fetch help. Viztin returns while Nando and Canessa continue treaking for 12 days and finally Reach the plains are spotted by a Shepherd near a river and are rescued.

Alive (1993)

The police and authorities form a Rescue Team and fly in a helicopter to the fuselage and rescue the remaining 14 members. A total of 29 members died in the crash.

This film portrays the Incredible survival story of the air crash survivors against all odds and the grit and courage of Nando and Canessa who fought their body and mind to survive without letting down their spirits and undertook the near impossible arduous Trek across the mountains to reach the plains. If not for them all the survivors would have perished.

Alive (1993)

Ethan Hawke acts as Nando and Josh Hamilton portrays the role of Cannesa.
This is a must watch survival movie.

Thank you
Kumaran Shanmugam

Alive (1993) - Trailer


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