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Alternatives to plastic bags

In recent years, we are facing many environmental and health problems because of the excess usage of plastic in the world. but it sounds great many of them got awareness of global warming and BPA (Bisphenol-A) and started avoiding this particular plastic chemical. Still, everyday used products contain BPA or other replacement chemicals which are not safe. it shows the importance of alternative plastic bag in daily use.

Our world is now hugely affected many obesity and infertility problems. The huge cause for this is exactly a plastic usage.

Plastics not only affecting humans it kills microorganisms in the oceans and animals in the world etc.



Plastic bags

In the usage of plastics, Plastic bags are a big source of pollution. And this is the one key area where we can make some difference in the environment.

Choosing eco-friendly bags or degradable bags can make a huge difference. There are 7 Types of Plastics we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle it, but still, it giving sever harms to microorganism and living being in many ways. For the goodness of our family and the environment please find alternative plastic bags which can save you money also. Some of the alternative plastic bags are discussed in this article.

Alternative plastic bags for lunches

1. snacks storage

Alternative plastic bags

Reusable Leak-proof Storage Bag

Reusable Leak-proof Storage Bag

One leak-proof storage bag can replace 250 disposable bags.

2. Sandwich wrap mats

Alternative plastic bags

Sandwich wrap mats

these can be folded to holds sandwiches and can be unfolded as a placemat.

3. Stainless steel lunch boxes

Alternative plastic bags

Stainless steel lunch boxes

Instead of using plastic carriers use steel boxes which store our food healthier and hygienic.

4. Zipper sandwich bags

Alternative plastic bags

Zipper sandwich bags

It is available in both waterproof and non-water proof and also used to store snacks such as savories, chips, veggies etc.

5. Water Bottles

Alternative plastic bags

Stainless steel bottles

Instead of using plastic bottles try using stainless steel bottles and copper bottles.it has several health benefits.

Reusable Straws

Alternative plastic bags

Reusable Straws

Though this article is about alternative plastic bags many of us had a doubt for an alternative to plastic straws, so in order to avoid that doubt, we have included reusable steel straws in the list these straws very friendly to the environment.

Alternative plastic bags for storage

6. Silicon storage bags

Alternative plastic bags

Silicon storage bags

We can store pulses, grains etc. in this bag which is very compact and healthy.

It looks similar to plastic bags but is not real plastic.

7. Steel container

Alternative plastic bags

Steel container

Real containers for storage, refrigerate and freezer safe.it is really sturdy.

8. Glass storage containers

Alternative plastic bags

Glass storage containers

Prefer glass containers with a steel lid. But it must be handled carefully.

9. Mason jars

Alternative plastic bags

Mason jars

It is used to store liquids in fridges. And used for one dish meal packed to outside.

Alternative plastic bags for grocery items

10. Jute bags

Alternative plastic bags

Jute bags

A fantastic alternative plastic bag is jute bag.we can store and carry anything in it.

11. Reusable bags

Alternative plastic bags

Reusable bags

Quite an alternative for groceries.

12. Paper covers

Alternative plastic bags

Paper covers

Easy to carry lightweight items.

Shopping and all other needs:

13. Cloth bags

Alternative plastic bags

Cloth bags

It is all time comfortable bags which is also recycled.

14. Linen bread bags

Alternative plastic bags

Linen bread bags

Which is used to keep bread fresh as well as beauty products?

15. Market bags-Canvas

Alternative plastic bags

Market bags-Canvas

Canvas bags are already coming to trend but it is comfortable to carry lightweight products only.

16. Muslin bags

Alternative plastic bags

Muslin bags

Muslin bags keep your vegetables fresh.it is the best alternative while shopping for veggies, fruits.

17. Travel Bags

Use leather bags and grab bags while going outside.

Alternative plastic bags

Travel Bags

18. Laptop Bags

Alternative plastic bags

Laptop Bags

We can use eco-friendly leather laptop bags in order to avoid plastic mixed bags

It is difficult to change instant but change as soon as possible.

If any other alternative bags for plastics available comment below.

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