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Nepal is one of the culture-rich countries located in Asia. It is a landlocked country who shares its border with two big superpowers India and China.

It is rich in heritage and its religion that is being followed for centuries, which makes it unaltered by modern society and culture. Its tradition makes it the main attraction to many foreign tourists.

There are much more fascinating things about Nepal to explain. Here are some 15 fascinating facts about Nepal.

Nepal New Year

Apart from the Gregorian new year, Nepal also has its own calendar system in which they celebrate New Year on April 13.  It is the year 2073 in Nepal.

Time Zone

Nepal Time zone is 45 minutes ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC + 5.45). It is one among the three times zones in the world that are 45 minutes ahead of UTC, all the other time zones are in 30 minutes’ difference.

Nation of Marijuana

Marijuana is a common plant that is found all around Nepal. Still, consuming and cultivation ganja is illegal, it is found commonly in even roadsides. This makes Nepal government not to impose strict rules against marijuana consumption.

Interestingly, until 1973 weeds are legal in Nepal that they were sold in shops which add more revenue to the government and it was made illegal only because of pressure from the USA.

ganja nepal

Hydropower Electricity

Nepal is a small nation with limited resources and surrounded only by mountains. So most of the nation’s electricity comes from hydropower plant.

But hydroelectricity is not so reliable and hence Nepal depends on India for her need. Nearly half of electricity is imported from India.

Hindu Country

Nepal has the largest majority of Hindu population by percentage in the world followed by India and Mauritius. However, Nepal is not officially announced as a Hindu Country. It is a secular one in which Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are also followed.

Cows are very sacred

In Hinduism, Cows are very sacred and so in Nepal cows are treated with very respect. One can see a number of cows are roaming in roads without any disturbances that too in Katmandu.

Also, beef consumption is strictly prohibited. Selling beef and killing of cows leads to imprisonment.

Highest mountains

Nepal is the country of the tallest peaks. Remember, 8 out of 10 tallest mountains are present in Nepal including the tallest Mt. Everest.

In Nepal, Mt. Everest is called Sagarmatha.


No Foreign Rulers

Nepal was never directly invaded or ruled by any other foreign nations. It was not subjected to any colonialism just like its neighboring nation. All because of Nepal-Britain treaty of 1923.

But, Nepal gave its support to Britain and China during many circumstances. Even during the world war, Nepal sent its soldiers to fight on behalf of Britain.

So, the country doesn’t have Independence Day.

Non-Rectangular Flag

Nepal is the only nation in the world which has a non-symmetrical country flag which is non-rectangular. Its flag is the combination of flags of two ruling dynasties of Nepal.

nepal flag
Nepal Flag

Birthplace of Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Buddha, founder of Buddhism was born in Lumbini, Nepal. The city is in Nepal-India border which is a pilgrimage center also attracts more tourists to the nation.

birth place of buddha

Tourism is a major Industry

Tourism is the major industry in Nepal which adds more revenue to its economy. With more tallest mountains and more religious centers, Nepal attracts mountaineers, trekkers and pilgrimages respectively.

To ease the traveling experience, the Nepal government allows almost all nations citizens to obtain a tourist visa on arrival.

Living Goddess.

Nepal has a tradition of worshipping a Goddess Kumari for many centuries. A prepubescent young girl is selected as the Living Goddess and is being worshipped by many Hindus in Nepal.

The selection process is very rigorous and only a mentally strong girl will be selected. When the girl attains her menstrual cycle, it is believed that the goddess leaves the girl. Visiting the Living Goddess place to pray is also a major tourist attraction.

living goddess

Linguistic Hub

Nepali is the predominant language in Nepal. However, there are nearly 123 languages spoken in the small nation. Nepal shares its border with China and India which is also a reason for these many languages.

Slowest Internet connection

Internet was introduced in the year 2004 in Nepal. But still, its Internet speed in one of the lowest in the world. Nearly 60% of people who use the Internet, using the speed of 256kbps.

Momo Nation

Momo, a small dumpling food is the main Nepali food. Momo is the origin of Nepal and Tibet areas.

nepal momo

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