Avenger-End Game Trailer Released – Superb and Different

Author : Dinesh Babu B

avengers endgame trailer

And finally, the moment came, Marvel’s next movie, the one for which fans are eagerly waiting for, Avengers – End Game trailer released.

Not like any other movies, the Team created something new and different trailer that makes the fans all over the world to go Wow!

They didn’t add more new footage from the movie. Instead, for at least a minute they just showed the past of our beloved heroes. This gives no clues to anyone how the movie is going to be but they didn’t fail to raise the eagerness of ourselves.

Two things to be noted now from this trailer. First, Nebula is teamed up with the rest of Avengers which clearly shows the return of Tony Stark as well and second, everyone is wearing a new suit. Is that a space suit? Are they travel into space to beat Thanos.

We have to wait to watch and to know how Thanos got Defeated. April 26.! Come fast.

Avenger-Endgame Trailer

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