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Author : Kumaran Shanmugam


Excellent movie based on conflict diamonds: BLOOD DIAMOND (2006) - Review by Kumaran Shanmugam.

Blood diamonds or conflict diamonds are diamonds mined by unauthorized rebel groups in war-torn countries with the proceeds of the sale being used for buying arms and further perpetuation of the conflicts. African countries like Seirra Leone, Liberia Congo, Angola and the Central African Republic, famous for conflict diamonds. 


This movie he is based on conflict diamonds and is set in the West African country called Sierra Leone in 1999. The country is ravaged by civil war with the government subdued by Rebel groups called Revolutionary United Front.

The RUF a notorious rebel group was the terrorizing the civilians by brutal techniques like an amputation. Young school going children were brainwashed and recruited into the group as child soldiers. People were enslaved and made to mine diamonds In the alluvial deposits of rivers. These diamonds were sold in the world market with the funds earned used for buying arms and other war materials.


Vandy a Sierra Leonean of Mende tribe is separated from his family by RUF and made to toil in the alluvial deposits of rivers mining diamonds. He discovers a large pink diamond during the mining process and secretly hides it. His boss captain poison tries to retrieve the diamond from him, but a sudden government air and ground raid results in both Vandi and captain poison arrested and incarcerated in jail in Freetown. In the jail. Danny Archer a Rhodesian white arms smuggler is also kept in the prison for smuggling diamonds.

Vandi shares with Archer the information of diamond hid by him. Archer arranges for both of them to be released. He approaches his employer an Afrikaan (contracted to the government of sierra Leone to support security with his private army) to help him smuggled the Diamond hid by Vandy. Archer promises Vandi good returns from the Diamond Sale which can help him find his family and make him live a good life.

Archer and Vandi meet a journalist interested in writing about conflict diamonds. All three of them reach the Kono district. In the Alluvial plains, Vandi finds his son working as a child Soldier under his old foe Captain poison. He confronts his son but he is totally brainwashed and does not heed to his father. Captain poison confronts Archer and Vandy and demands the hidden diamond. Vandi overpowers Captain poison and kills him. In the scuffle that ensues Danny Archer is Mortally wounded. He persuades Vandi to escape with his son and the Diamond. Archer succumbs to his injury and dies. Vandy is united with his family and he sells the Diamond for a huge fortune.

At the end of the film, a conference is held in Kimberley in which all the Diamond traders were asked to certiy their diamonds as non-conflict ones by issuing a certificate called Kimberly process certification scheme. Vandy gives a speech at the conference about the destruction caused by conflict diamonds in his country.


Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the role of Danny Archer.

Djimon Hounsou acts as Vandi.

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