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Author : Somasundaram R

Captain Marvel Trailer

Marvel Studio's first Captain Marvel Trailer has been released on 18.19.2018 morning and more than 2 million people have watched this within three hours of the trailer released on Youtube.

A lot of expectation on this movie around the Marvel fans after the successful  Avengers: Infinity War. The Captain Marvel Trailer simply  show the powerful action pack movie is waiting for all the Marvel fans out there.

Captain Marvel Official Trailer

All of the sudden the trailer released on youtube, It has been trending on Twitter like  a viral and some of the interesting tweets for you. 

The Super Hero Brie Larson Twitted to her mom about the superhero character in the movie




Clark Gregg Twitted like Captain Marvel going the release next year 2019 March 9.




It's really a big and happy news for all the marvel fans

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