Why Xiaomi Products are so Cheap? Explanation from an Quora Answer.

Author : Dinesh Babu B

why mi phones are cheap

Xiaomi, the leading Chinese company which revolutionized the smartphone industry with its low price models and at the same time with good quality.  This business model makes the company a trustable one and profitable one.

After being successful in smartphone manufacturing, they are also making other electronic appliances such as TV, laptops, air purifiers, light lamps etc. Even though, all their products are not so expensive as compared to their competitors.

But how Xiaomi products are so cheap? Do you ever wonder?

This Quora answer by a Journalist named Flora Ding to the question, who visited Xiaomi company explains to us why they are cheap and what is their business model.

Here comes the answer.

I visited Xiaomi company last week as a journalist, and I asked them the same question. The answer is “Xiaomi wants the technology to be shared by all, not just by rich.” A good Xiaomi air purifier is only sold at the price of 669rmb (100 US dollars), why? The senior trainer of Xiaomi answered, “because all people deserve to breath clean air, not just rich people, but poor people.”

mi office

Likewise, an international award-winning lamp is only around 166 RMB, (25 US dollars), Xiaomi only takes 5% of the profit, their goal is to change the old perceptions such as “the expensive is good”, to make good products for all, not just for rich people.

mi lamp

mi air purifier

mi office

I think this is why many people like Xiaomi, because this is a company with spirit, their laptop doesn’t even have Xiaomi logo on it. Because they believe everybody can be the designer of Xiaomi, their products belong to all.

And this is also the reason why I became a fan of Xiaomi after visiting their company.

It is very clear to us that their business model is something great who likes to use their technology not only by rich also by poor and so makes their products so affordable.

Also, I become a fan of Xiaomi after reading this answer.

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source: Quora

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