Facts about Addictive Healthy Junk Food We Consume daily

Author : Vaishali R

Junk Foods

Food is the essential thing for life. Is there anyone who hate fast food? Absolutely no. it is not only eating but it depends on how it is prepared, the color, and the spiciness, deep frying make us eat it. The sad part about it is, considered as junk and which is unhealthy if consumed daily or larger quantity. But by reading this article you may find a perfect opinion about it. Here I mention a list of fast food items that are healthy and you can eat these.

Pav Bhaji

Junk Foods

Bhaji with Pav is a Maharashtrian Dish which is available everywhere in all the corners of the world and loved by all peoples. Bhaji is prepared by cooking lot of vegetables which are healthy like potatoes, peas, carrots, cauliflower, beans etc. and we can add all other vegetables also. And Pav is toasted slightly with ghee and butter to give a perfect flavor. Choose fresh bread or bun.


Junk Foods

Samosa, the name itself is the mouth tickling experience to most of the people. Samosa with chai is the best combo for all. Don’t worry about eating samosa because it’s healthier but must be made with some conscious like oil, vegetables, and flour. Use coconut oil or olive oil for better taste and health. Usage of whole wheat flour makes you healthier.

Bhel Puri

Junk Foods

Bhelpuri is best one in Indian snack item list which is healthy enough and doesn’t need any modifications. It contains healthy vegetables like tomato, onion, potato, tamarind, coriander, and puffed rice. The main ingredient puffed rice gives a sound of taste called murmur. Puffed rice is the healthiest one even for kids and olds. Bhelpuri with green chili chutney gives a spicy kick and garnish with a lemon squeeze and coriander sprinkles. It never disturbs the digestive system so never make you feel ill. So no doubt you can have it anytime.

 Dahi Bhalla – Curd Vada

Junk Foods

Vada is the most special south Indian dish. It will be super good when you have it with sambar, chutney or plain. Dahiballa is a dish where Vada is with Yogurt or curd. Curd cools your body and vada can be for taste and health from urad. You can garnish it with pomegranate, beetroot, carrot and coriander leaves which gives a healthier taste and look. Thus you can eat it with no worries.

Potato chips and Fries

Junk Foods

Hot chips shops are the most one the go-to places for every child. And if it comes to potato chips, it’s the best option for all and all time favorite. It is used as a side dish and snacks for all age people. But eating more potato fries gives more calories intake so you can avoid it by baking the potatoes instead of frying it. So that you can eat all the way of it with glory.

So, these are some junk food items that you can eat without worrying by making some perfect modifications. Go and eat in your own way to glory!

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