Foods and Diet chart For Body Building and To Stay Fit and healthier

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Foods and Diet chart For Body Building and To Stay Fit and healthier

Body Building:

An exercise scientist at Lehman College named Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., says,

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Bodybuilding became essential for both woman and man nowadays. There is no age limit for going to the gym and getting fit. Only gym workouts are not enough for being fit. Food is the basic need for bodybuilding and stays healthier.

Egg Whites and Boiled Eggs

Foods and Diet

The best ratio for bodybuilding is the One has to intake 40% of proteins, 40% of carbohydrates and 20% of fats. Eggs are enriched in proteins and good fats.

Egg Whites are one of the purest forms of proteins and their ratio of protein to fat is 60:1.

Each egg white consists of 50 calories out of which is 84% of protein, 8% of carbohydrates and other essential nutrients.

This is the reason why bodybuilders are eating a dozen eggs whites daily.

Protein and Fiber enriched foods

Foods and Diet

Developing muscles are not natural but it is also not simple. To build muscles lean meats contribute more.

Chicken and breasts of turkey are highly enriched in protein content and which is the main thing of any diet for building body.Foods and Diet

Yogurt – yogurt is made by straining the milk and carbohydrates comes out from the regular yogurt, which results in the high content of protein.

‘Casein’ is the protein present in yogurt, which slowly releases the amino acid into the bloodstream.

Other best foods for building body

Foods and Diet

Beans are the one hardly comes into people’s mind when they think about to build body. Surprisingly, beans help to ramp up your muscles because they are rich in source of proteins and fiber.

Red meat is not believed to be the choice for bodybuilding but lean red meat as high-calorie which is useful for those looking to size up or look bigger.

Pre-Breakfast drink

Foods and Diet

Pre-Breakfast diet:

Vegetarians: a mixture of Protein Shake and a large to medium size of a fruit. (Bananas or grapes are most preferable)

Non-Vegetarians: Protein Shake with a medium to large size piece of fruit (bananas or grapes) and a piece of sausage.

Breakfast ideas

Breakfast is the most important food for the body which makes it refresh and gives strength to work out for a whole day and it setups the tone for the body.

It influences the performance of our body in both mentally and physically throughout the day.

Foods and Diet

During the first stage of our sleep body uses blood glucose and liver glycogen as fuel because to fulfill its energy and requirements.

Vegetarians: Paneer paratha (3 pieces)/Paneer Bhurji Yogurt/ Low-fat yogurt sprout salad

Non-Vegetarians: Eggs, Oatmeal, Milk, and Nuts.


Dumping more than 2000 calories at a time and splits it into 2 or 3 times makes a huge difference. Having a huge quantity of meals 3 times a day is better to have 4 to 5times smaller meals with correct intake quantity.

Foods and Diet


  • Vegetarians: Roasted chickpeas and a Small size fruit and mixed vegetable salad
  • Non-Vegetarians: Brown Rice, Chicken, and Broccoli

It helps to metabolize your body with those calories efficiently.


After brunch, it is the fourth essential meal to intake and it is going to set your right tone for workouts.

Foods and Diet

  • Vegetarians: Mixed bean curry and Brown Rice, a cup of boiled Broccoli/Cauliflower
  • Non-Vegetarians: Fish, Brown Rice, Mixed Veggies

Mid noon meal

You can also say it as a Pre-Workout Meal and it can boost your performance during the workout.

Foods and Diet

  • Vegetarians:

Whole grain toast spread with almond butter or avocado and a bowl of baked sweet potatoes

  • Non-Vegetarians:

Sweet potato and protein mix.

Post-Workout Shake

Vegetarians & Non-Vegetarians:  a protein shake and Dextrose Monohydrate.


Foods and Diet

Two primary goals to have this meal are:

 To increase our body’s insulin levels, so that muscle breakdown can get stopped.

 To compete for body sufficient amino acids to fuel protein synthesis.

  • Vegetarians: avocado and White Bean Salad with cheese.
  • Non-Vegetarians: Chicken, Broccoli salad with flax oil mixture.

Bedtime Meal:

Foods and Diet

Casein may improve satiety when this meal is consumed before sleep,

  • Vegetarians & Non-Vegetarians: cottage cheese or casein protein with a ½ spoon of peanut butter


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