Game of Thrones Recap - videos inside

Author : Dinesh Babu B

game of thrones recap

The most awaited final 8th season of the fabulous series Game of Thrones is telecasting on April,14. GOT fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the day. If you are also one among them, then definitely a Game of Thrones recap will be helpful for you.

The first season of the series was premiered on 2011, 8 years back, and since then yearly a series was released. But last season was aired on 2017 and we are waiting two years to watch the upcoming one.

Many GOT fanatics are already started watching all seasons from the beginning. Many recap videos are being made by many and shared on YouTube.

Here are such two edited videos that clearly explain what we have to know before watching the final season. Remember, spoiler alert for these videos.

One more relief is that HBO decided to shoot a prequel series and GOT is going to continue even after 2019.

Game of Thrones recap #1

This video is an animation one which explains only about the 7th season within 3 minutes.

Game of Thrones recap #2

Another video about season 7 but in a very explained manner.

Game of Thrones recap #3

This is another one which clearly explains every important thing from all the seasons.

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