Here’s What Happens to Your Poop in an Airplane Toilet

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Airplane Toilet

This may be a topic make you think funny and shy, but it is definitely such an interesting topic. Do you think anytime that how does the toilet in the modern aircraft work? What they will do with your waste while you do your TWO? Most of us have a fear of what will happen if we go poop on the modern aircraft.

Don’t Worry About Your TWO

There are more people worrying to go for their number two on an airplane. Because they have a fear that their waste will “drop” on the ground directly. But it’s not!

Let’s see below how the waste management system works.

You May Be Wonder if you come to know where the Poop drops

We all have that wonder how the airline system works do and where that poop will go. To clarify where your poop will go from your belly, it goes into the airline’s belly. After that, the magic will happen.

The Airplane Has Tanks

The above picture clearly explains something about airplane’s belly. That belly is one of the tanks found inside the plane. It is full of your waste collected via the technique of suction.

The Flush Button

Here’s What Happens to Your Poop in an Airplane Toilet
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When you Press the flush button in the airline’s toilet then the first step of the process begins. It opens a valve on the bottom of the bowl and exposes the contents of the bowl into a pneumatic vacuum.

Suction and Holding Tanks

Airlines contain two types of tanks namely suction and holding tanks. They don’t have much difference but you must keep it in mind that the holding tank must not overfill. If it is overfilled they may start dropping your waste outside space of the tank’s storage.

How Much Waste Can that holding tank hold?

The next question comes in your mind is how large the holding tanks are and how much it can manage? It is around 20gallons per tank and capacity is around 100 gallons for commercial planes i.e. 5 tanks per plane.

How about the Cleaning process of those tanks

They are not like our computer to “set and forget” they must be continually cleaned up and make empty that each land. Whenever the plane lands, a lavatory service truck hooks up the tank to release and clean up into the truck.

Who invented this amazing system?

All innovators are to be remembered every time, then its James Kemper, the guy who invented the vacuum based toilet system now using in the modern airplanes. He invented it in the 1970’s and still being used.

What is been followed before the Kemper System

Before Kemper system passengers used slosh buckets, which is to get spilled in the bathroom during turbulence or chuck out of the midflight window. The Kemper vacuum toilet system changed the fear of air travel for millions.


Boeing was the first company which used Kemper’s system on airplanes in 1982. It took several years to get adapted to commercial use. The system equipped with a blue liquid call Skykem to help the suction process in tanks.

The Blue Liquid


Here’s What Happens to Your Poop in an Airplane Toilet
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The blue is called Skykem, which works as a deodorant and the purifier of waste. The liquid is properly “grab” all of the waste you drop in the toilet.

The Closed Waste System

Once you hit flush button waste are exposed to a pneumatic vacuum and it swirls the contents with blue liquid into the tank. This system is called as a closed waste system.

The Toilet Tank Can’t Be Ejected

There are some sayings that toilet tanks of airplanes can get ejected by the command of captain but it is entirely wrong he can’t eject the tank because it would be blatantly dangerous to the below on the ground.

Why about

Here’s What Happens to Your Poop in an Airplane Toilet
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The sayings came because some people have seen the blue liquid falling on the ground but it comes in the form of blue ice due to the frozen state. It’s very normal because of the temperatures, a wind will take it to reach the ground.

So no fear about your number two. Travel relax.

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