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Author : Somasundaram R

Speak Fluent English

Speak Fluent English: There are many tips available online to speak fluent English, in that most of the tips are recommend you to read many English books or tell you to practice JAM (Just a Minute) kind of games. But in this article, we are going to discuss a different kind of approach to speaking fluent English easily and happily.

Before going to know these tips we have to understand how our brain is working when learning something. actually, when we do some work we feel very sleepy because that work doesn't give happiness to our brain. But, whenever you do some interesting activities like playing games, watching YouTube, chatting WhatsApp we feel active because of the reception of proper rewards to our brain. This is the main reason many people start learning to speak English but couldn't succeed in the end.

How to Speak Fluent English?

Hack 1: Love to Learn English

Step 1: First thing is creating a list of interesting activities in your life. Take a paper and write down what are all the interesting activities which give happiness to your brain.

Eg: Watching cartoon, Watching the news channel, Singing song, Listening podcast etc. 

Step 2: Once you listed your interest habits next step is to relate English with all your interesting habits. So, whenever you do that work your brain will get some kind of reward which keeps you happy and active to learn new words.

Eg: Watch English cartoons, watch movies with subtitle. listen to English songs etc.

Step 3: Practice this at least for three months.

Hack 2: Break your comfort zone

Step 1: Comfort zone is nothing but your native language speaking zone. As long as you stay in the comfort zone you will not learn to speak any new language in your life. So, get out of your comfort zone.

Step 2: Second important step to break your comfort zone is to kill your fear. Because there is no fear when you are inside your native language speaking zone. But, when you wanted to speak in the English speaking community obviously you will get fear. So we have to kill that fear in order to speak fluent English.

Step 3: When you are in the un-comfort zone your brain will make too many mistakes so you will do too many mistakes in speaking English. third important step to speak English is don't stop speaking in English though it is a wrong one.

Hack 3: Don't think about Grammar Mistakes

Step 1: If you too much concern about grammar, surely you will not learn to speak any language. remember when you grow up you never used grammar to learn and speak your native language. So don't worry about grammar mistakes when you start speaking English.

Step 2: Whenever you try to convey any information to another person in English, concentrate on the context of the information rather concentrating on Grammar.

Step 3: Third and last step towards fluent English speaking are listening to the accent of native speakers and try to imitate it. With this hack, you can increase your fluency just like that. Happy Learning!

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