If you love Cricket, You will love these photos Definitely- Epic Cricket photos

Author : Dinesh Babu B

epic cricket photos

Cricket is like a Religion in India. Even Indians are diversified in many things; Cricket is also like many other things that unite Indians together.

From Kapil Dev to Virat Kohli, many legendary cricketers give us a lot of happiest memories that have to be cherished forever.

Who can forget Sachin, The master blaster’s straight drive! Rahul Dravid’s test innings, Dhoni’s helicopter shot!

Likewise, there are many great memorable moments happened in Indian cricket history. There is a Quora answer mentioning the same.

Here are some of the epic cricket photos about such memorable moments.

1. Who said Fire and Ice can't celebrate together?

dhoni ganguly photo

2. Dear God, I'll run like you. I'll hold the bat like you. I'll play like you.

sachin kohli photo

3. The look in a devil's eyes when he sees two of his victims in front of him.

dravid with ganguly

4. They always talk about removing the shirt but how about a flying hug?

ganguly cricket celebration

5. The storm is what he brought. He chose the place Sharjah, but World is what he conquered.

sachin cover drive photo

6. Bully me while I field,

kohli in england

Because when I'll come to bat, you have to take that.

kohli celebration photo

7. Never ever, I repeat, never ever insult an Indian when everyone's watching.

8. If the word 'gentlemen' was a picture.

vvs lakshman book

9. Miracles happen. All you need is an intent.

dravid lakshman innings

10. Kolkata rose. India rose. Indian cricket rose. It wasn't just a match. It was a revolution.

calcutta cricket match

11. Oh, you can't go to the office because you have a fever. Let me win the world cup while I have cancer.

yuvraj  singh cancer

12. You thought I will block, didn't you?

dravid slowest innings

13. Are you a 90’s born? Have you ever played cricket? Yes? Then don't claim yourself a cricket fanatic if you haven't tried to copy this.

zaheer khan bowling

14. What if I tell you, there is a cricket beyond batting and bowling.

jadega fielding

15. Told you, experience is overrated.

t20 first world cup

16. You idiot! I told you not to hit a six. You were never going to listen to me, were you?

sehwag six

17. A magnificent strike. It isn't just a shot. It is an emotion.

dhoni world cup six

18 Life isn't fair, is it?

gambhir diving photo

19. Why do we fall, sir?

2007 world cup

So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

india wins world cup

20. This was the day when it all began.

inda first world cup


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