ONE HABIT That Will Change Your Life

Author : Vaishali R


Practice and  Habits are the two words which drive our lives in a successful manner. What will be the most important one habit that we can develop to become a successful human being? We don’t make use of good habits because we are the creatures of habits, We know a fact or belief that no one can succeed overnight and no one can fail overnight.

We can make all our series of decisions based on our habits only. Usually, it is at least to think where you are today and what are the decisions we took today, what went wrong what went heights! If you started noting this I hope you can make a decision of your habit and change it in order to become a successful person in life.

I think there may be one habit that you must develop that will change your life dramatically. Don’t change your world make a change in your habit, it will change everything.

Shall we just imagine a scenario, draw a big circle and within the circle I want you to draw everything that you have already in your life right now maybe it's a car that you drive the income, the house that you live in the vacation, source of income and it doesn't have to be materialistic but doesn't any matter what are the things that you already have right now to possess your life.

Quality is not an act it is a Habit   - Aristotle

one habit

Write all those things down and then I want you to write outside the circle that. Everything you need in your life but you don’t have it right now. For Example, Now you are driving a Hyundai and you actually want a Mercedes Benz. Write down a Mercedes outside a circle and maybe you're living in a hut but you actually want to live in a big house then write that outside of a circle.

So finally what we have is, in the inner circle everything that you have right now and outside the circle is everything that you want to have, but you don't have. So I want to look at this right now.  Now say what is that circle?  That circle is only your comfort zone, whatever you have in life are under your comfort zone. Whatever stands outside are you need but you don’t have it right now. What do you have to do you need to stretch and expand your comfort zone?


I believe the number one habit you need to develop to be successful it's on a consistent if not a daily basis do things that make you feel uncomfortable. It is that much simply because you look at what holds most people back and what holds you back.

Winners Make a Habit of Manufacturing their own positive Expectations in advance of the event. - Brian Tracy 

The fear of the unknown is the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success all these things are all just outside their comfort zone of human beings. Because we're a creature of habits and we tend to operate day to day and do the same thing again and again, but if you have a habit to make a habit like you do things on a consistent basis which you don't usually do.

It makes you scared, it scares the Out of you and definitely, it makes you stretch your comfort zone. That’s how you gradually expand it and get more of what you want. Maybe for going to that event that you've never been to, maybe is meeting the success of people intimidates you.

Maybe reading a book without interest but it's driving a different path that. You usually go home in this way, you know what I'm going to drive in a different. Path and see something a little bit different. Maybe it's watching a video that you don't usually watch maybe.

You’re interested in certain topics or maybe you're watching a YouTube video just on prank but something you want that is an inspiration and motivational. That’s practical. There’s business related and that changes the way they. Think about stuff, it started with that one thing that one video and if you do. That, not one time not two times, not three times but hundreds and hundreds of times on a consistent basis.

I believe that the habit is not just to be successful but to stay successful. When you're constantly pushing yourself outside of the comfort zone guess what you will learn and what you will take a new action you acquired from the new knowledge you gained. You will meet new people that will lead to new opportunities, you might develop a new skill right to you or you might start a new business all these things that you do is nothing more than doing things that scare the out of you on a consistent basis. Instead of avoiding the fear you are facing the fear and you are pushing and pushing a limit that is the number one thing that you need.

I strongly believe to be successful so developed a habit today to do something that you don't usually do, do something that scares you, do something that makes you Uncomfortable. You're not doing things at least once a week once a month that makes your stomach sick, that makes you want to throw up that scares which is out of you.

You’re not growing, it's that much simple until the next time I'll see my belly.

Motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Ryun

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