Top Tips To Protect Your Bike During Heavy Rains

Author : Vaishali R

protect your bike

Our bike is the most prized possession of us and for boys, it’s more important, their life is a bike. Imagine you went for a long ride and came late at night, unfortunately, you forget to cover your bike. The next day morning your city or area affected by heavy rains and floods. What will you do? Urge to your insurance company for help and feel why we didn’t care it?

If your bike is your queen then here are the tips to protect it well especially for monsoons which hits severely,

 Ways to Take Care of Your Bike

protecting bike

 1. Park it in a safe place

Take care more while parking your bike if you don’t want it to get damaged. Because usually we are a bit lazy to park it in the right place. Park your bike in a proper place or shed and avoid parking it under a tree, because branches might fall and damage the bike. Cover it with a perfect and proper sized cover to prevent it from getting damaged.

 2. The depth of Your Tyre Treads

 Teared or worn tyres are risks to your check it to the depth of the tread on your tyre which keeps your bike safe. It gives you a road grip and disperse the water. When the depth is lesser than 3mm then replace the tyre immediately. Check treads in the Centre and also the sides of the tyre.

 3. Lubricate the Hinges and Levers

To move smoothly and run well your bike’s hinges and levers should be lubricated well. Lubricant make it loosen and move freely.

 4. Check the Pressure of the tyre

Always be cautious about the pressure on the tyres, if it is low then it decreases the grip and make pressure on the brakes. In dry conditions the tyre pressure must be kept in a lesser lever than the recommended level.

If the pressure becomes very low then it spoils the brakes of your bike and it is very dangerous while driving in a water or floods. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will increase the life of your tyres and it will be efficient in fuel.

protect your bike

5. Wash and Oil Regularly

Your drive chain must be cleaned and oiled regularly to have a good driving experience. Because mud gets deposited on the chain when it is uncovered.

6. Check the Drum Breaks and Break Oil

Check the breaks on the disc regularly and keep it clean. Because the efficiency of the bike may be affected when the pads and liners are worn. Think how a slight negligence can lead to an accident daily.  

7. Keep Yourself Protected

Protect yourself because in the rainy season, we will be drench and feel extremely cold. Our lack of attention will lead to serious implications. So you must wear a protective gear and waterproof jackets with gloves. Helmets and knee pads are mandatory for all bikers since it is a blessing to all bikers because they provide a necessary protection.

When you follow these instructions you can remain safe and healthy in heavy rains and say to day life.

Drive safe and share these important tips with your friends and family.

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