You won’t throw these away after reading this- Uses of Silica Gel

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uses of silica gel

Whenever you buy shoes, bags, purse and some other items, you may find small white packets! Do you ever wonder what are those?

Those transparent beads are Silica Gel, an amorphous and porous form of Silicon dioxide. It is highly affinity to water molecules which makes it useful for many purposes.

It removes moisture and water particles around it.

uses of silica gel
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Silica gel is harmful if swollen and do keep it away from children.

Here are some important uses of silica gel which makes you not to throw away them.

Keeps Cameras Dry

If you own a camera, condensation in lens is a bigger problem you might have seen. Due to water logging and moisture, water gets condensed inside lens which shoots blurry photographs.

To prevent this, put two silica gel bags inside camera pouch. Even if you already have this problem, remove the battery, memory card and put the camera in a bowl of silica gel which suck up the moisture.

Dry Out Wet Cellphone

You know how hard it is to dry out your phone, when it fell into water. Silica Gel comes in handy in such situations.

Remove battery or even dismantle your mobile if you can and place it with some packets of silica gel. It absorbs the water and makes your phone.

You can use this method with other electronic products also.

Keep Clothes Dry

During humid climate, clothes in closet may get damp and leads to fungus formation.

To prevent this, place silica gel inside the closet which keeps the clothes dry always.

Prevent Silver Corrosion

Moisture can lead to tarnish in silver jewelry and other silver products. To prevent this and to make it to look good as new, place it with some quantity of silica gel.

Protect photographs

Photographs, physical photograph and not digital ones, damages itself over some time due to humidity in air.

Put some packets of silica gel in the box where you keep your photographs to protect those.

Prevent Razor blade

Razors blades corrodes after sometimes usage as it contacts with water more often. Put two packets of silica gel in your box to prevent razor blades from corrosion which extend its life.


During cold climate, fog gets condensed in windows. Place silica gel near window frame which prevent fog to form.

Protects medicines from moisture

Some medicines should not be made in contact with water. Place those medicines with a packet of silica gel to get rid of water and moisture.

You may even notice that some Ayurveda medicines and Vitamin tablets come along with silica gel packets in the box itself.

Keep seeds dry

For gardening, one has to preserve the seeds by keep it away from moisture. Silica gel might be used for this.

If seeds will keep in contact with silica gel, moisture will be removed from the seed and it will be in good condition for seeding.

Protect Documents

To protect important documents from moisture, place silica gel inside the file so that it prevents the paper from moisture.

Keep your tools corrosion free.

If you are a mechanic or someone who uses steel and iron tools, you will definitely use oil or grease to keep your tools corrosion free.

But if you use silica gel, it is very easy and economic too. Just keep some packets of silica gel inside the tool box and it will absorb the moisture and keep the tool rust free.

Keep your luggage dry

Put some packets of silica gel inside your luggage like your suitcases, leather bags, zip lock bags, when it is not in use. It will protect the luggage from moisture and keep them as a good one.

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