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Author : Somasundaram R

Cyberdyne’s HAL Exoskeleton

What is Cyberdyne’s HAL Exoskeleton?

Cyberdyne and the University of Tsukuba from Japan invented the HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb), which is a super-powered exoskeleton. This robotic machine made to assist the patients and elderly peoples to do their daily activities. This most advanced future robotics first tested to patients at a Florida clinic, United States. In early 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approved HAL for use by clinics and medical centers in rehabilitating patients from spinal cord injuries.

The Real Incident

Two years ago, Danny Bal - an American met an accident and got a severe injury in spin and legs while traveling in a motorcycle to work from his home in Ocala to Florida. Bal couldn't walk for the last two years and he was felt very difficult to taking care of himself. finally, he admitted in a clinic in Florida USA. Bal asked to wore a medical exoskeleton which is nothing but a brand new Cyberdyne’s HAL Exoskeleton. 

Bal started to practice to walk every day in the clinic with HAL and the results are pretty awesome. As Bal thought about taking a step, his brain sent the necessary instructions to his leg muscles. But because of his injured spine, few signals made it through, and those that did were too weak to make his legs to move or to move with the swiftness and force of a normal step.

That’s where HAL comes in. Nine electrodes stuck to each of Bal’s legs detected these faint signals and relayed them to the exoskeleton fitted to Bal’s legs. The exoskeleton’s control system read these signals to decipher Bal’s intent. Then, the exoskeleton assisted Bal in carrying out the movement he wished to make.

After three weeks with HAL, Bal could walk for several minutes at a time while wearing the exoskeleton. 


“I’m super happy because I’ve been fighting for so many years to produce these kinds of signals,” he says. “Today was good.” - Danny Bal

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