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Apple iPhone eSIM  What is eSIM1

Apple iPhone eSIM: A Good-Bye to Physical SIMs. We are familiar with micro SIMs, Nano SIMS but eSIM is a new one having more welcomes from yesterday. Now Apple announced that its new iPhones will support advance dual-SIM capabilities through the combination of a Nano SIM and an eSIM.

eSIM reveals the idea to allow its users to switch between carriers without swapping SIM cards.

Apple iPhone eSIM  What is eSIM1


The very first eSIM was sported in Samsung Gear S2 3G in the year of 2016.and later it was spotlighted in Apple’s watch series and enabled in iPads and Google Pixel 2.

Apple iPhone eSIM  What is eSIM1
Apple iPhone eSIM  What is eSIM1
Apple iPhone eSIM  What is eSIM1
Apple iPhone eSIM  What is eSIM1

Dual Sim Support in Apple:

Introduction of eSIM’s on the new model iPhone steps into the first ever dual sim support in iPhone.

Comparing with other physical SIMs, eSIMS are tiny, editable, and reprogrammable and it is Irremovable.

The measuring size of the eSIM is just 6mm by 5mm which is soldered into the new motherboards of new iPhones.


Users face some price impact because the Service providers could be planning to a new price war

While switching carriers saves time and it is as simple as changing the settings where customers are bound to hump from an operator to another one if they find best deals.

So eSIMs will accelerate price war across all the service providers. Since service providers are not happy about the new wave war for the price.

At initially we will face some difficult reality indeed.

Advantages of Apple iPhone eSIM :

  • Tiny in size

  • Reprogrammable

  • Un-Removable SIM card

  • Perfect for Enabling Cellular Connectivity

  • Useful for ultra-compact devices like smartwatches.

eSIM availability in India:

As of now, Airtel and Reliance Jio are the only telecom operators that offer eSIM support in India. With the partnership of Apple, Both operators have launched special cellular services to support the new network.

Let's all admit it, a shift to eSIMs is unavoidable

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