Why Don’t Birds on an Electric Wire Get a Shock?

Author : Vaishali R

Birds on a Electric Wire

Why don’t Birds on an Electric Wire Get a Shock?

We always see birds on the wire but why don’t Birds on a wire get a shock? How is that possible? The truth is, for living creatures the current must flow substantially through the body to get a ‘shock’. Is bird doesn’t have a substantial flow of current? Because the bird not only forms a circuit in the wire it offers a current with higher resistance. So the current will pass through the wire only and not on the bird.

To prove this, think what would you prefer to go on a smooth road or a full of potholes? Hope your answer is smooth road likewise current also will prefer to take the easiest path. Depending on the material the resistance of the flow of current differs.

Birds on a Electric Wire

Birds on a wire get shocked?

This is one of the reason why don’t birds on a wire get shocked, but the more important reason why the current doesn’t pass through the bird is, there is barely any, as the voltage difference across the bird. Current flow is actually just the minute flow on the charged particles that are not visible to our naked eye. Actually charged particles need an energy input in order to get them transferred. The amount of energy required to move charges from one point to another is measured in terms of the potential difference between the two points.

The bird always places their feet firmly on the high-tension wire so the potential difference from one end to the other and next to the nil. There may be a sizeable difference in the voltage across to the body for the current to flow through the bird. The potential difference between the wire and Earth may be of thousands of volts, but the potential difference between the bird’s two feet is extremely very tiny. So a very small current flowing through the bird’s body can be barely registered.

But if the bird touches the wire and simultaneously on another wire, it may receive a mild shock.

On the other hand, if it is a touch on the wire and some other object connects to the ground, it may receive a deadly shock.

As per law, the greater the potential difference, the greater the current flow.

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