Why Should You Watch 2.0 Movie? | Five Reasons

Author : Somasundaram R

2.0 Movie

2.0 released all around the world in 7000 screens. The Movie continues the journey from the predecessor  Enthiran(2010). There is no doubt, that this time around director Shankar nailed the audience by his unique creativity throughout the movie. Rajinikanth's fame, Amy Jackson's beautiful presence, Akshay Kumars motive, A R Rahman's sound effects made a movie into the first-class watching experience on the screen. In this article, we are going the see the 5 reasons why you should watch 2.0 movie.

1. 3D Experience


2.0 is the only Tamil movie shooted in 3D from title card to end card. Moreover, most of the scenes and frames are perfectly produced a world-class 3D experience to the audience.


  • Birds Eye View

  • Flying broken Glass pieces

  • Flying Cell phones

  • Bullet Shoots.etc..

2. Ornithology

birds and human

Back in the days, Animals and birds are part of everyday life. After the modernization, we became very much sticky with technology and not even considering animals and birds are part of our life cycle. how many of us know? there is one study about birds called "Ornithology". This 2.0 Movie beautifully portrayed the life of an ornithologist also, the scenes about the life of birds and an ornithologist may touch your soul when you watching this movie.

3.The Fifth force

Dark matter

The whole theme of the movie travels with the concept called "Fifth Force". This is one form of dark matter in cosmology which widely believed by physicists and space researchers in theory level. This fifth force also called dark force or quintessence. This 2.0 movie created a fantabulous platform for the audience to search more about the fifth force and Aureola.

4. Robotology


Robotology is the study of robotics on human reality. The four different types of humanoid robots shown in the movie clearly interpret the future of Robotology.  Artificial Intelligence is all about "Sensing the environment and give a perfect response according to the inference". This phenomena clearly demonstrated in a perfect way throughout the movie. If you are interested in AI and future robotics then this movie should be a "Don't Miss One".

5. Technology Killing

mobile addiction

Do you know Technology Killing? It is a kind of psychopathy widely spreading psychological disorder, especially on youngsters. This movie emphasis the negative impact of mobile usage and how modern technology is misleading youngsters life? There is one scene in the movie "'One person buys a new mobile and all of sudden he will take a selfie to post on social media" this scene is the small example for most problematic psychopathy called "Missing out on something", which gives pleasure to him by showing his presence on cyber world. Like this many technology killing, incidents are highlighted in the movie.

Overall, this is one of the remarkable science fiction movie in the Indian cine industry. Director Shankar's hard work and creativity gave a best in the class movie to all kind of audience.  

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