women need more sleep than men

Author : Vaishali R

sleeping woman

Men and women are equal but both are different by their physical needs. A study performed by the Sleep Research Center at England’s Loughborough University shows that women need more rest than women.

Sleepless women were susceptible to distress or anger. Not more but even a 20minutes sleep more than men make many significant changes. The truth behind that is while awake women brain works harder than men.

Science depicts that women have more complex brains which need more rest and sleep.

Sleep is the perfect medicine for all problems, actually how much amount the brain works in a day needs the same amount of sleep in the night to get recover and back to normal. Normally women tend to do multitask-they do a lot at a time and use the brain more than men uses.

sleeping woman

Risks of less sleep

  • Women will go through more hormonal changes.

  • Stress and mental problems

  • Lack of sleep links to weight gain

  • insomnia


More than 8 hours of sleep

All human beings need exactly 8hours of sleep to react normal but women are wired different so need to more than 8hours to act normal and stay healthier. If they can’t take more than 8hrs at least try to maintain 8hrs sleep regularly.

Men who works in a difficult jobs and decision making sectors need more sleep than the normal men. But not equal to women.

sleeping woman

Why is Women Brain Complex?

  • Most of the men do one work only at a time but unlike them, women do multi-tasks, for example, they can do a job, manage home, take care infants, and prepare food etc. So they expose their brains to more strenuous activities that is why they need more and more time to recover completely.

  • Sleep is the only best way to compensate for all.

How to enhance the quality of sleep

  • There are several ways to get good deep sleep but all those won't suit everyone because we all are different by nature.

We listed some of the tips as follows:

Regular and Routine sleep 

  • Set up a daily sleep routine and set up a standard time to sleep.it is useful to your brain for recognizing your nature and it will automatically slow down its performance and start relaxing.

  • If you follow it for a week it gets practiced and regularized. This will surely improve your sleep routine and deep sleep time.

 Avoid Stimulating Foods and Junks 

  • Junk foods are generally harming to health and sleep and some foods act as a stimulant. You must avoid those before you go to bed.

  • Some of them are caffeine products like coffee, theobromine products like chocolates and cookies and sugar.

  • These affect your normal sleep and leads often you to insomnia.


  • Meditation and exercises are the best performance to stay stress-free and healthier.

  • Women work non-stop that is why many have difficulty in sleeping.

  • Meditation helps us to settle up our brain to get relaxed and act with full power.


sleeping woman

  • All exercise helps you to relax and yoga is the best practice to prepare your body for a perfect sleep with good rest.

  • Yoga postures are the most recommended option for insomniacs.

Intake of Melatonin

  • Experts and doctors agree that melatonin helps you give sleep better.

  • Doses of 1-3 mg of melatonin work best, preferably an hour before bedtime.

  • But try to practice exercises and other measures than melatonin and it is the final option.

"Sleep more Live better"

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