30 Young and Old Photoshop Celebrities Photos – Creative Editing

Author : Dinesh Babu B

photoshop celebrities

Anyone can show their creativity with Photoshop. Ard Gelinck is one such artist who Photoshop celebrities’ images using their young and old images.

Gelinck publishes his work in his Instagram profile Photo Time Travelling and really his images are like a time traveled photos, very realistic ones not like some other worst Photoshop fails.

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Here are some of his work and you can see more this kind of Photoshop celebrities images in his Instagram profile.

Young and Old Photoshop Celebrities photos 

1. Barack Obama

barack omaba childhood photo

2.Brad Pitt 

brad pitt childhood photo

3.Britney Spears

britney spears young photo

4. Christiano Ronaldo 

ronaldo childhood photo

5. Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood young photo

6. Courtney Cox

courtney cox young photo

7. Daniel Radcliffe aka. Harry Potter 

daniel radcliffe childhood photo

8. David Hasselhoff

david hasselhoff young photo

9. Dwayne 'Rock' Johnson

rock young photo


10. Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran childhood photo

11. Ellen DeGeneres

ellen young photo

12. Emma Watson aka. Hermione

emma watson childhood photo

 13. George Clooney 

george clooney childhood photo

14. Harrison Ford ( Young and Old Indiana Jones)

harrision ford young photo

15. Janet Jackson

janet jackson young photo

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16. John Travolta 

john travolta young photo

17. Johnny Depp

johnny depp young photo

18. Julia Roberts

julia roberts young photo

19. Justin Bieber

justin bieber young photo

20. Leonardo Dicaprio

 dicaprio childhood photo

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21. Micheal Jackson

Micheal jackson  young photo

22. Performing MJ

stage perfomance young micheal jackson

23. Michiel Huisman

photoshop celebrities

24. Mitchelle Obama

mitchelle obama childhood photo

25. Richard Gree

richard gree young photo

26. Steven Spielberg 

speiberg young picture

27. Sylvester Stallone

sylvester stallone young photo

28. Tom Cruise

tom cruise young photo

29. Tom Hanks 

tom hanks young photo

30. Will Smith

will smith young photo

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