Know about Zodiac sign monsters! | Which monster lies within you?

Author : Dinesh Babu B

zodiac sign monsters

Do you believe in zodiac signs? Do you know about the dark side of every zodiac signs, about the zodiac sign monsters? Here is something about it.

No one is 100% perfect. Everyone has their unknown face, a dark side which they won’t reveal until something serious can happen.

Likewise, people with different zodiac signs have a different monstrous character that is being hidden inside them.

Let’s see here what is their evil side and how one should careful with them and handle those zodiac signs monsters.

The images portraying the zodiac sign monster is from artist Damon Hellandbrand.


aries monster

High Temper

People with Aries will be on high temper if you disturb them on any means. Even the slightest irritation that someone causes them to burst out. So just be careful before you interrupt them.




Taurus is stubborn and selfish. They will do anything for their work to get complete. They will break down any hindrances that arise in their way. Better we have to stay away from their way.

Their stubbornness makes them seems arrogant and they won’t realize this whenever they are talking.


gemini monster


The sign even represents a two-faced creature that they also behave exactly like the same when they are being evil. They are highly skillful in influencing and controlling others to their own advantage.

You will never truly know what face are you dealing with in a day. Be cautious.


cancer monster

Very Insecure

Cancer can be more lethal when you disturb them or turn them down and you will regret it for the rest of your life if you do so.

They will be very insecure because of their high emotional attachment to people. But anything goes wrong, the sentiment will turn into negative energy.


zodiac signs mosnters


They are very cruel and self-centered just like a lion. They are very loyal, but when you take them for granted you will face a high-level savage from them.

When emotionally hurt, they bring drama and are not afraid to ruffle someone’s feather.


virgo monster


People with Virgo sign seems to be a very delicate person, that means, they are hard to handle and can turn upside down on any time which will make you regret why you met them on the first place.

They are self-obsessed and consider themselves perfect in all situation. They won’t hesitate to judge others on any situation.


zodiac sign monster


Libra can be charming and speak sweetly when they want something from you. Be careful with them when you are alone or else they will show their true self.

They will go to any extent for their welfare and won’t care about anything or anyone that can get hurt in their path.


scorpion monster


If you want to taste an act of evil revenge, try to do some wrong to Scorpio. They will stop at nothing and destroy everyone on their way. Keep a distance with the evil scorpion.




Sagittarius thinks that they are always right and it is very hard to convince them. Even if they do any mistakes they won’t admit it for any sake. Their actions do plenty of harms but they don’t see what’s wrong is happening because of that.


Capricorn monster

Easily give-up

They are less-motivated and can easily give-up the most important things in life just for some other silly things. And sometimes they don’t even realize the mistake.

Even though the harm they do to others is less, they harm themselves more with this evil character.




These people possess selfish behavior that lacks compassion and is emotionally distant from other people. They are always self-conscious and this ends up destroying them in a long run.

They are very insensitive and being around them is very difficult and they won’t understand others feelings easily.




Like Gemini, Pisces is also a double-minded one. They think that they are open to themselves but they won’t understand their dark side.

They can easily manipulate anyone and they can do anything for the selfishness.


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