What is Cold-Pressed Juice? Preparation method and Nutritional value

Author : Dinesh Babu B

cold-pressed juice

You can probably see these board, ‘Cold-press juice available here’, in some theaters and mall. But do you ever wonder what is meant by Cold-pressed Juice!

Cold-Pressed Juice

cold-pressed juice

Cold-pressed juice is the juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables rather than centrifugal spin or blade.

It is different from the usual regular juice in the preparation method mainly which makes it little more expensive than the conventional one.

It contains 100% fruits or vegetables without any added ingredients like sugar which makes it expensive. Cold-pressed juice has been there for decades but been famous only after 2013.

Manufacturing process

It is a two-step process. First, the outer layer of the fruit or vegetable is shredded down to get the pulp. It is done using a rotating disc.

Then the shredded pulp is kept in between plates and pressed using the hydraulic machine which produces the juice drip that collected in the container.

The residual fiber is left behind in the filter which can be recycled or discarded.

Extracted juice can be consumed raw or undergone some more process before drinking. It can be preserved using HPP method which makes it store for 30 Days.

 It needs more pressure to squeeze the fruit, ‘approximately seven tons of pressure is needed to extract one drop of juice’, which also a reason for its expense.

But is it really worth the cost?

Nutritional Benefit

Nutritional benefit of cold-pressed juice is always on doubt. It is a usual belief that it is more nutritional than the regular juice.

While preparing normal juice using blades, the heat produced due to the spin and from blades destroys some important nutritional content like Vitamin C.

So in the cold-pressed method, as there is no heat formed, the nutrients will be present in the juice even after the extraction.

Even it is a fact that heat reduces vitamin C content, there is no research confirms that the cold-pressed juice contains more vitamin C than the normal juice.

What does Nutritionist say about Juice?

Let the debate between cold-pressed juice and normal juice that which one is more nutritional be on one side.

Do drinking fruit juice is as healthy as eating raw fruit?

If you ask this question to any dietician or nutritionist, the vote will be going for raw fruit.

fruit vs juice

While crushing and squeezing the fruit during juice preparing process, many valuable nutrients break down and destroy which makes it less healthy.

But if you eat the raw fruit, the whole fiber along with the nutrients will be consumed by our body which can also prevent many diseases like diabetes.

So, if you have a chance try to eat the fruit rather than drinking juice.

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