Effective Ways to Make Your Period a Bit More Comfortable and Enjoyable!

Author : Vaishali R

period days

Yes, always there is a ‘that’ event knocks our bodies monthly, and we must be aware and alert of those mentally, physically changes to hang that backdrop, bloating, cravings, cramps, irritability, and other numerous syndromes. Even though it is natural and known to everyone we can’t bare the pain and feel off-shelf and low.

But our monthly crawler is an important thing in our life. So we will do something to keep us in a good mood on our menopause cycle.

Given below are the effective ways where you can sail smoothly without the discomfort of your menses, and find some enjoyment in those difficult days.

1. Bath in Warm Water


Basically, Warm water bath is an excellent methodology to treat pain, it is also a remedy for menses pain and discomfort on those days. The warm water will relax the stiffness of muscles in the abdominal and vaginal area. It keeps you to feel fresh, clean and also relief from cramps.

But don’t use the water which is too because it is said to increase the bleeding.

2. Pills for comfort

Pills are not that much good but, you can use it in an emergency situation only. Keep some pills in handy when you feel much discomfort. Particularly for working women, it will alleviate the pain of heavy bleeding and avoids our botheration.

 3. Sanitary Pads in hand

Whether today is your day or not no matter, it is always to keep stock in your bag or purse. This makes you prepared and comfortable and helps to avoid difficulties and embarrassment during those days.


 4. Right Pad

Keep stock is safe but opting a right pas is important. If you have heavy bleeding then opt for thinner and ultra-pads, if you have sensitive skin then opt for cotton cover pads. Buy pads according to your comfort and requirement, it helps to deal your days more comfortable and discreet.

5. No to Salt


Salt is an important source of taste but it becomes a culprit when it related to bloating. Junk foods, packed foods are rich sources of salts, so avoid those normally. Because during the periods the estrogen rises in your body and they are responsible to retain water in our body, salts make it worse.

So avoid salts to prevent you from getting puffed up.

6. Avoid Alcohol

 Alcohol is also the source to increase the level of estrogen. Alcohol helps to relief from cramps but it makes your cycle irregular. Consuming more will also produce pre-menstrual symptoms to aggravate, it may lead you to feel depressed, fatigue, drowsy and also headaches instantly.

7. Be Prepared and alert

We always rejoice when the periods of the month completed, but keep your body prepared for the next cycle. You must take good sound sleep, eating well and healthy, exercising, and following a balanced lifestyle.

8. Dresses in Wardrobe

Many of us hesitate to wear light color fabrics on those days. But that is not a rule, if we had chosen a right pad then we can confidently wear any color of dresses. But wear some loose clothes which give you comfort and ventilation throughout the body. Wear clothes which allows you to change easily and not the one which is cumbersome to manage.

9. Exercises


In natural we feel tired and exhausted during our menses, so we cant do any exercise or work. But gyno’s advice is to do some light exercises which are beneficial to our physical and mental body. Exercise makes a release of endorphins from your body and ease your cramp pains. It also lightens your mood.

If you feel more discomfort and then just take an adequate rest.

10. Live As You Wish

Our body is undergoing the phase to shed and fatigue, we need to get chill and get diverted our mind from the unease. So have a peaceful walk, watch movies, watching TV shows, reading books will make you feel comfortable and energetic.

Everything has some good and bad things, and menses is no different. Follow the helpful steps and feel free to enjoy your menses days happily.

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