Four Blended Mistakes in Viswasam Second Look

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Mistakes in Viswasam Second Look

Ajith Kumar's upcoming movie Viswasam is confirmed its release on Pongal 2019 by releasing movies second look poster.  It seems Ajith Kumar portrayed in dual role and Nayanthara doing a heroin role in the movie. This movie is an action and drama kind of movie, written and directed by Director Siva.

After the release of the Viswasam second look poster, It goes viral in all social media. Also, it was shocking to everyone who noticed the poster that it has a lot of copy past work in the poster image. In this article, we are going to find out the four blended mistakes in Viswasam second look.

 1. Same person

viswasam second look mistakes

Ajith's right-hand side of the poster, two persons looks similar in the face, dress, and action. It shows that the editing team simply made a copy past work in order to present the Viswasam second look more energetic and mass enough.

2.  Hands

viswasam second look mistakes

Ajith's left side person who marked in the red circle looks almost similar to the person who wears a blue shirt. It shows transparently that copy and past work has been made to look poster more lively.

3. Fingers

viswasam second look mistakes

Editing in the Ajith left-hand fingers are not cropped correctly and it looks weird. 

4. Glasses

viswasam second look mistakes

The sunglass popped front and glass frame is not placed clearly. It seems glass has been fixed in the final poster editing. These mistakes are really a big disappointment to all Ajith fans. The editing team should have been very careful in this poster preparation.

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