iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has Network and Wi-Fi reception issues

Author : Dinesh Babu B

iphone issues

Customers who have been upgraded to iPhone XS and XS max last week in Unites States complained that the new iPhones have some mobile network and Wi-Fi reception issues.

Users reported on Apple’s Support forum, MacRumours forum and Reddit that their phone is not working as good as their previous iPhones. For many of the users, network speed is low and very low WI-FI reception.

Some said that the phone’s speed is not as that of iPhone X and iPhone 8 and the performance is pretty low. Before that, SpeedSmart tested that the iPhone XS and XS max will have better speed in both Wi-Fi and LTE connections and now the phone’s performance became a frustration to the users.

iphone xs issues

iphone network reception issues

This may be because of any software issues as customer’s suspects and they are waiting for any technical update to resolve the issue.

Some other users in Reddit reported that the iPhone XS max has some display issues in photo album and in gaming graphics too.

iphone display issues

iphone display issues
Numbers on top is hidden in phone screen. Shared in Reddit.

There are no any updates announced officially by Apple regarding these issues and a news from Verge told that they reached out to Apple for this issue and will update what they hear back.

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