NanoRobotics - An Introduction

Author : Somasundaram R


NanoRobotics - An Introduction

NanoRobotics is the upcoming technology to create Robots into the size of nanometers. It also refers to Nanotechnology. In the future, nanorobots are expected to be deployed in medicine, surgery, space technology, and defense. The recent behind this introduction article is nanorobot's extraordinary contribution in the field of BioMedicine during research and development, especially for the treatment of kidney stones removal and cancer cell treatment. In this article, we are going to find out more about nanorobotics and its application.

What is NanoRobotics?

"Nanorobotics is an emerging technology field creating machines or robots whose components are at or near the scale of a nanometre (10−9 meters) " -Wiki

Uses of NanoRobotics:

Currently, most of the research states that NanoRobots are used to protect the human body against pathogens. In the future, the technology will be further explored in different disciplines, in order to solve a different kind of research problems. 

Parts of NanoRobots:

The major components of Nanao robots are Sensors, Actuators, Control device, Power unit, and wireless communication antennas.

Applications of NanoRobotics:

Applications of NanoRobotics

1.  Gene Therapy

Nanorobots are applied in gene therapy to give treatment like genetic diseases. Researchers from United have developed nanorobots which can enter throw patient's blood and do modifications in the irregularities of the DNA and protein sequences. This treatment can be virtually controlled like normal surgery.  

2. Surgery in Medicine

Surgical nanorobots programmed to surgical operations based on the human surgeon's direction. These kinds of surgical robots will search for an infected cell in the body or searching for pathogens and do the required correction by the command.

3. Diagnosis and Treatment

An effective way of disease diagnosis and appropriate treatment is done by the medical nanorobots. These nanorobots will monitor the tissues, tissue cells, and micro-organs in the blood. also, It will continually update the important parameters like blood pressure, the temperature to diagnosis the disease perfectly.

4. Cancer Detection and Treatment

The contributions of nanorobots in medicine are very high, especially in cancer detection and treatment. Nanorobots with embedded chemical biosensors embedded nanorobots are used to identify the cancer tumors in the body also detect the tumor celly well in advance it develop into the large area. in the same way, it will give treatment the cells.

Currently, nanorobotics and its applications are mostly focused on medical fields such as diagnosis, gene therapy, cancer detection, and surgery. In the future, many areas going tested with nano semi-autonomous robots. which more beneficial to the future generation when it utilized in the right way.

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