Our Brain Power is Equal to 100 Billion Mini-Computers

Author : Vaishali R

brain is equal to 100 billion mini-computers

Each and every neuron in your brain is like a tiny computer. Each cells will work like a mini-computer, based on the first recording human cells are super fine level in detail.A study revealed a key to structural difference between the human and the mouse neurons which could help to explain our superior powers of intelligence.

Our brain cells, neurons will communicate by firing the electrical impulses which has been detected by researchers using the microscopic electrodes. And some studies made on rodent neurons which is kept alive in a dish and cells are live for several hours. A study done at the Massachusetts Institute of technology used to see how neurons compared with mouse, the researcher Harnett, used a live tissue from surgeons who removed chunks of brain from the patients of epilepsy.

They used thinner electrodes and recorded the activity inside the dendrites located at the end of the trunk. Each neuron contains about 50 number of dendrites which has 100’s of synapses and connections with other neurons. It is equal to fire up an electrical signal.

Comparing with mouse, the human dendrites are turned out of few ion channels studded in the membrane which let the electricity to flow along the dendrite. This may sounds bad, but it will give more computing powers to each cells of your brain.

Imagine it is a mouse neuron: if a signal starts down from one dendrite and there are so many ion channels to conduct electricity where the signal will probably continue into the main trunk of the brain’s neuron. By contrast, it’s less certain, the signal will conduct into the main trunk in human neuron.it is basically depends upon the activity.

The thousands of connections on each neuron’s dendrites are collectively determines the end “decision” on when the main branch should fire.

Actually, they are looking for specific patterns of input to produce a signal.


Journal reference: DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.08.045

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