Smartphone Brands and Sub-Brands | What is the difference?

Author : Somasundaram R

Smartphone Brands and Sub-Brands | What is the difference?

Smartphone Brands and Sub-Brands in India

Xiaomi announced Redmi as an official sub-brand for budget range Xiaomi smartphones in India. Last year, Xiaomi introduced POCO as an official sub-brand for mid-range Xiaomi smartphones for the online market and it is not new that mobile phone companies creating a new sub-brand for their original brand. many Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as OPPO and Huawei is already introduced their sub-brands in India. In this article, we are going to find out the differences between the brands and sub-brands and its reason.

What is the difference? 

The main reason to introduce the new sub-brands in the mobile phone market is to differentiate the similar kind of variants from the same manufactures also differentiate the price cut in online as well as offline smartphone sales. Also, Xiaomi not only makes phones they also manufacturing household items and other smart things.

Some Smartphone Brands and Sub-Brands

Mi or Xiaomi: Premium and flagship segment (30K to 50K)

POCO or Pocophone: Midrange segment phones from Xiaomi (20K to 25K) -only online 

Redmi: Budget Segment (6K to 17K)

OPPO: Midrange Segment phones from BBK Electronics (16K to 28K)

Realme: Budget Range segment phones from BBK Electronics (8K to 17K) - only online

OnePluse One: Flagship Segment phones from BBK Electronics (35K to 55K) 

Huawei: Flagship Smartphone Segment (30K to 80K)

Honor: Budget Smartphone Segment from Huawei (9K to 18K)

Why do Chinese phone companies launch new brands?

Apart from this, other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Acer, Asus, LG, and sony use their original brands for all kind of variants in the Android smartphone market. Also, It is expected that Xiaomi going to introduce its first smartphone under Redmi sub-brand on January 10th. Possibly it could be Xiaomi Remi Pro 2 with the 48MP rear camera in order to gain the attraction on the newly introduced brand.

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