Various Types of Hugs and What They Mean

Author : Vaishali R

Different types of Hugs

Hugging your loved ones shows the purest form of love than a kiss and anything. But there are different types of hug with different meanings. Why hugs have difference means it depends upon the mood and situation of the person, for example, if someone feels tired and wants a hug to feel better and if someone feels happy and wants to show their happiness by their hug holding tightly. It various by relationship wise also. So it is important to know about the ways of hugging and their meaning.

1. Cozy hug

Cozy hug

A cozy hug is a fulfilled hug which says your partner is wholly comfortable with you and your relationship. It shows the greater way of affection and love on you.

2. Loose hug

A loose hug is one where you barely getting touch each other and thus it is a bad sign of relationship. Loose hug tell you that something is wrong and it need to be fixed soon and earlier.

loose hug


3. Legs around waist

waist hug

Legs around waist is a filmy hug which is so romantic and literally feels like the background romantic music is missing for us. It shows the amount of happiness in your relation and true love.

4. One-way hug

one way hug

It is a sign of losing connection and no interest in a relationship with you.

5. Eye contact hug

eyecontact hug

It defines intimacy. It happens at the start of the relationship but it happens after marriage then it shows that’s you’re still young in your love.

6. Side Hug

side hub

This hug is also called as buddy hug. It symbolizes the good friendship between you.

7. Back Hug

back hug

It confirms the safety and security in your relationship.

8. Pampered hug

pampered hug

A pampered hug shows a lot of care on you. If your partner taps at your back or rubs it or kiss you while hugging it then this pampering means that your partner cares a lot for you.

9. Pervert hug

perver hug

Grabbing your girls butt while hugging is the pervert hug. It must be performed in private only. And it is so obvious what it means.

10. Careless hug

careless hug

It is hug where you don’t think about the environment and surrounding, you purely want to hug your partner. It is the purest form of love.

11. Shoulder hug

shoulder hug

It is a friendship hug, if your partner keeps his hands around your neck or shoulder and shows how protective they’re towards you.

12. Suffocating hug

suffocating hug

When you are literally tired and hugs your partner for the relief. It means you trust your partner for your peace.

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