What is inside the iPhone XS? | First iPhone XS Teardown

Author : Somasundaram R

iPhone XS Teardown

iPhone XS Teardown: The all-new iPhone XS has officially launched and the review units are all most reached many tech reviewers. So what next? Yes, as you expected Dope Test, Scratch Test, Speed Test, Camera Test, Teardown Test, and Heat Tests are going to roam the internet in the next couple of days. Before everything else, We have found out the first iPhone XS teardown on youtube in the FixjeiPhone YouTube channel and we are going to analyze the videos in this article. It's curious to know what actually inside the iPhone XS? 

What is inside iPhone XS? | First first iPhone XS Teardown 

This 5.8-inch brand new iPhone XS has been teardown by the YouTuber and this video originally captured in dutch so we find difficult to understand the flow but the full video shows what exactly presented inside the iPhone XS. 


  • YouTuber dismantled the whole iPhone XS with proper toolkits. At very first he removed the screen and the difficulty he faced while removing the display shows that how properly it sealed for water as well as dust penetration proof by Apple.

  • Then he removed the Proximity sensor cables and Apple Face ID lines. With this view, We could see the vibrations sensor also the other sensors like infrared sensor and dot projectors are placed nicely.

  • The L-shaped Battery is placed under the vibrations sensor. This massive 2658 mAh is pasted with the device, in order to resist the vibration. 

  • Finally, He removed the rear camera, antenna and back panel.

This complete teardown process shows the internal parts of the 1000 Doller devices which also depicts the quality of the components what actually Apple used.

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